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This was my third time attending the DANCE AFRICA FESTIVAL & BAZAAR. Once again, it did not disappointed. I enjoyed it so much I attended 2 days in a row. The Festival was held Downtown Brooklyn, where part of Ashland Place and Lafayette ave were shut to accommodate the tents and visitors of the festival. Sponsored by BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), the festival became a sensation decades ago; and even in theses days where Downtown Brooklyn (and most part of Brooklyn) is being transformed into a second Manhattan, the place was well set around the construction areas. This year was the 39th anniversary of the Festival and Senegal was the featured country. It was filled with different vendors selling either food, different African and Caribbean arts and also clothing (I was able to purchase my first Dashiki).

Next year will be 40 years the Festival will celebrate. I know they will do something even bigger, maybe what you will see here will encourage you to come to the next one.



I definitely enjoyed myself with my cousin who came with me. I did miss the opening dance ceremony and certain important highlights of the Bazaar Festival but I hope it will encourage you to come next year and the year beyond, as long as the City of New York will let us vibing in the different African Sounds. I will come back again next year!!



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