Hope you all had a great summer. After my last appointment with my OBGYN, I decided NOT to let stress take over me and take it easy with my life…

Here under I talk more about me and what I am doing right nwo, I usually write all of my opinions, but I felt to talk on camera for one of the few times… Hope it will inspire some or put a smile on someone’s face!!! πŸ™‚


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I was a winner!!!

I didn’ t win the lottery, but to me life is about enjoying everything, the good, the bad, the ugly..

I was soo inspired by life today that I decided to share my prize with you all (well, in Pictures..lol..). I have received a call saying that I participated in a draw at the WEST CONFERENCE and that I won a designer bag from KICHI USA. May I saw I was happy?? The lady said I had to choose a bag from 8 different choices that they had, it was really hard just to pick JUST ONE!! But I am happy to have been able to win something. It pays to show up

Here are the pictures from me opening the box to actually enjoy the designer bag, you will soon see me rocking it in a next red carpet or special event. For more informations I left the name and informations down the blog!!

Receiving the package. the Kichi bag was inside the beige pouch, a little like Louis Vutton

Nice Personal Message to MOI

The Kichi bag (it is really silver but I guess it was too blingy for the camera..lol)


The Kichi USA label




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NY Daily News Annual Business Conference

Created by the Money section of the Daily News and co-sponsored by CUNY and Newteck, the annual Small Biz Big Impact happened this morning with Great Panel, at the Performing Art Center of CUNY in Tribeca, registration was free and it was made for people who have a small business, big business, students or people interested to open a business.

Breakfast at CUNY

The morning started with greetings and breakfast, wonderful platters of fruits, croissants, coffee, etc. Then the first Panel started: “Getting the Buck” with panelists David Rose (chairman of Rose Tech Ventures and New York Angels), Jennifer Wright (Co-founder Environmentally Conscious Organization, creator of pizza box that can be folded into plates and containers), Pravina Raghavan (NY District Director of U.S. Small Business Administration), Don Dimartini (Vice president of NY Business Development) and Steven Kessler (Veteran financial executive, counselor at Score NYC). They spoke about where to get counseling without even spending a dollar, the importance of having a Business Plan, and the journey and advices of the panelists.

Me with Rasu Jilani of Coup D'Etat Brooklyn (famous for the "Vote for Huey" and Clothing Line Movement) http://cdtbk.com

The Second Part of the conference was about Making the Most of Technology with panelists: Rasu Jilani (co-founder of hip hop fashion company Coup d’ Etat i.e “Vote for Huey”), Jay Greenstein (President and head of online operations at retail chain R.A.G. NY), Ben Kaufman (Founder and product development company Quirky.com), Nelly Yusupova (Owner of DigitalWoman) and Ramon Ray (Editor of SmallBizTechnology.com).Β  That section focused on how to use all the technology tools in the business world and get a “technology plan” to grow the business, the importance to “Try and Fail”. It was interesting to see that some of the panelists of the second part have different opinions and definitions of having a business plan. The dicussion was mostly advising everyone to use all the free websites and tools you already have and make a profit out of it without even having to seek bank approval or other “traditional” services.

Panelists (left to right): Maria Gotsch, Rob Walsh, Sarah Endline, Lisa Price and Jessica Johnson

Third panel : ” Preparing for the turnaround” included panelists Jessica Johnson (co-owner of Johnston Security Bureau), Lisa Price (Founder of Carol’s Daughter), Sarah Endline (Former Yahoo executive who founded fast-rising, socially conscious candy company Sweetriot), Rob Walsh (Commissioner of the city Department of Small Business Services) and Maria Gotsch, President of New York City Investment Fund). The importance of remaining a hard worker, even after starting your company, cutting back on products that don’t work and focus on selling what is working, do research and ask questions to the “Money ressources”. They also spoke about how important it is to have a plan and mostly, what have you been able to do by yourself instead of just submitting a business plan to potential investors.

What was brought into my attention is the website Mr Rob Walsh was talking about is “Business Express”, a tool to help on on business in New York City go to


Lisa Price who started her hair and body line “Carol’s Daughter” in her kitchen, told her story about how she started and then have celebrities had Mary J.Blige, Jay-Z, Jada Pinkett as investors in her product (her line is now worth millions of dollars).

Jessica Johnson put the emphasis on female to be able to mold yourself into anything to help grow your business, she had to do the work sometimes because somebody didn’t show up, but the business had to keep on going.

To me it was very inspiring and I urge all business owners, who people who thinking about starting a business to start by at least writing down what you expect out of your business, do the research, network, dress appropriately, don’t be discouraged and be greateful!!

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