2nd Fibroids Surgery (Part 2)

Hi Everyone,   If you haven't seen Fibroids Surgery (Part 1), I suggest you click here before continuing this story.   The first 3 months on Fibristal went well, I was able to do my morning light exercices and go about my day. I went to see my doctor and he didn't notice any difference of … Continue reading 2nd Fibroids Surgery (Part 2)

My 2nd Fibroids surgery (part 1)

Hi Everyone, So if you have been following me since 2009, then you already know about my Journey to Fibroids and my first Successful Surgery. If not, You can click here to find out how did I even start this blog. In 2011 after my surgery, my 2 new fibroids were pretty stable until about … Continue reading My 2nd Fibroids surgery (part 1)