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My 2nd Fibroids surgery (part 1)

Hi Everyone,

So if you have been following me since 2009, then you already know about my Journey to Fibroids and my first Successful Surgery. If not, You can click here to find out how did I even start this blog. In 2011 after my surgery, my 2 new fibroids were pretty stable until about 2014. I started eating healthy, I was exercising and was starting a new journey to health. In mid-2014, I made a bad decision that didn’t help me health wise. Without going into details, I entered a relationship who unfortunately turned into a toxic relationship. My weight was fluctuating and I disregarded my health. Stress became the main product of consumption for a year. Late 2015, I freed myself, but the damage was already done. I did my best to take care of me again, but mentally and spiritually I was drained.

It took me a while to be myself again, during that time, my new fibroids became bigger and I gained 2 more fibroids after doing a new scan at the hospital. It took me a few years to really do anything about it (besides trying to eat as healthy as possible ) because I was moving around a lot during that time. When I became more stable in 2017, my OBGYN told me that to have kids, I would need to have surgery first because of the location of the new fibroids. During that time, my health was so bad. I had severe anemia and even necessitated my very first blood transfusion, I had episodes of theses sides illnesses also: hypothyroidism, constipation, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Severe Anemia, back pain, weight gain, Very bad and longer period (10 days heavy flow), nausea (sometimes I couldn’t even drink water), shortness of breath, depression, anxiety, tiredness, etc, etc, etc…. I though that was the end for me. I had almost lost hope.

Fibristal 30 Days

My doctor prescribed me FIBRISTAL, to help shrink the fibroids (all natural procedures to shrink the fibroids no longer applied to me to help reduce my now heavy fibroids; I truly look pregnant for 4 years). Fibristal is a pill you have to take every day for 3 months. It is prescribed for women like me who were suffering a whole lot especially during the periods. It stopped my period which is part of the process to help shrink the fibroids. I honestly felt like a new woman (temporarily). I had more energy and was able to do my day to day. The pills are expensive, even with the Canadian Insurances, it didn’t come cheap every month. But I was desperate, that was the last attempt before I decided for surgery.

To be continued….

Be blessed


Miss Jhane

2nd Fibroids Surgery (Part 2)


By missjhane

My name is Jeanica T aka Miss Jhane. I am a singer-songwriter-entrepreneur. I was born in Montreal, Canada and for the past few years, I have been living in New York City.

I always had a passion for meeting people and writing about different stories and songs. My goals are about making people feel what I see and what I'm going through, the injustice of this world is affecting me a lot.

I started writing for my high school newspaper, then for a Vibe Plus (Unistar) Magazine later for Belle Creole Magazine in Montreal. I also do Freelance PR.

So I hope that you enjoy my world and what I am reporting from it.

Life is a Blessing!

2 replies on “My 2nd Fibroids surgery (part 1)”

Hi. Is there an update on your 2019 fibroid journey? Has the fibristal helped shrink your fibroids any? I had a myomectomy in mid-April where 25 fibroids were removed from my uterus. I’m now thinking of my game plan in case they start returning.

I just posted part 2. I had some trouble after my surgery, not right after but lately. I will post about it also. 25 fibroids!!!! wow, I hope you are okay now. Yeah it was told that after removing multiple fibroids, smaller ones have room to grow, and I also read that they might always return. I started taking D.I.M a few weeks ago for hormones, I will do a follow up on it after 3 to 4 months of usage. Thanks for reading šŸ™‚

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