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Since January 2009, I noticed that I was gaining weight. At first, I though it was normal since it was after the holidays, you have that extra happy food weight, but in January with the resolutions that I made for myself I though that it was time to get back in shape, especially as a singer-songwriter, I wanted to feel good about myself when I step on stage.

I tried dieting, doing the Master Cleanse Diet, which I already tried before, but this time, after one day, I found myself getting more sick so I stopped. I started training to the gym where  I work, but my tummy seemed to grown instead of going down. What is weird is that I was really training EVERY DAY!!! I always felt tired also, like no energy, and in the morning, I had very huge back pain, migraines, stomach aches, to a point that I really though I was pregnant, or just having weird PMS. At first I didn’t do nothing about it, but as the months went, it was getting worse, to a point that I had jerk chicken one night and the next day, I couldn’t even get out of bed cause I felt like my whole body was in pain. I took myself to the doctor for my regular yearly check up where she felt my stomach (I looked like I was 5-6 months pregnant) and she said, I might have fibroid or is pregnant or both. And I asked my doctor, what is fibroid??

She kind of explain to me that it was a cell that is in your body after u get pregnant, abortion or miscarriage and grows in your body, usually not dangerous, but if it is inside the uterus can be dangerous if you try to have a children. I started being scared and told her will I be okay, she told me to go to the hospital to get a sonogram test so they can see inside.. I was scared, though that it was over for me

Part 2  is next


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