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Sachika VS Lanvin NYFW Edition

Today is the Start of the New York Fashion Week: FASHION NIGHT OUT!! Everything about Fashion is Happening right now in the City. Just yesterday, I was looking at The View while doing my laundry. And I fell into Kim Kardashian segment where she was talking about her life and all.

The red really caught my attention because it is my favorite color. But what REALLY CAUGHT MY ATTENTION was the dress that looked like something I wore last year during Fashion Week.

Now I am not an expert in fashion, but the style to me is the EXACT SAME THING!! I love this shape of dress because it was designed for curvy women, with lots of Hips. So I can understand why Kim Kardashian would fell in love with it!

You be the judge by looking at the pictures!!

Sachika Model Wearing the Nicole Dress

Me during Sachika New York Fashion Week wearing the Nicole Dress

Getting a Red Carpet Interview with Carolyn M. Chappelle during NYFW 2011


I choose this dress after seeing it on Caroline Manzo from the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY at the SACHIKA NYFW runway in September 2010.

Caroline Manzo on the Sachika NYFW runway September 2010

With the designers SACHIKA TWINS

Now for the Lanvin Dress. Still Very nice!!

Kim Kardashian in Lanvin Design

Lanvin Sleeveless Ruffled Neoprene Dress

Let me know what you think!



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   Before my myomectomy surgery In December 2009, I was able to shoot my first video in Montreal, Canada by Eyezeberg Vizion, a Young Director who is starting to make a Big name for himself. With his associate “Sleepy” we shot that video in one day. I remember being happy but cold. I was happy to have shot my first video in my hometown. No matter where I live in the world, I know and remember where I’m coming from. We shot a few scene around Mount-Royal and a another party around Montreal-North (where I was born).

Process always takes long but it came out at the right time. If it would have come out last year, it would not have been great for promotion or anything because I was still on post-surgery recovery. But now. I am ready to continue my journey to my success.

I’m so happy with everything: the song, the video, the team I worked with that day. Thank you soooo much

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I have been diagnosed with Fibroids (part 1)

Since January 2009, I noticed that I was gaining weight. At first, I though it was normal since it was after the holidays, you have that extra happy food weight, but in January with the resolutions that I made for myself I though that it was time to get back in shape, especially as a singer-songwriter, I wanted to feel good about myself when I step on stage.

I tried dieting, doing the Master Cleanse Diet, which I already tried before, but this time, after one day, I found myself getting more sick so I stopped. I started training to the gym where  I work, but my tummy seemed to grown instead of going down. What is weird is that I was really training EVERY DAY!!! I always felt tired also, like no energy, and in the morning, I had very huge back pain, migraines, stomach aches, to a point that I really though I was pregnant, or just having weird PMS. At first I didn’t do nothing about it, but as the months went, it was getting worse, to a point that I had jerk chicken one night and the next day, I couldn’t even get out of bed cause I felt like my whole body was in pain. I took myself to the doctor for my regular yearly check up where she felt my stomach (I looked like I was 5-6 months pregnant) and she said, I might have fibroid or is pregnant or both. And I asked my doctor, what is fibroid??

She kind of explain to me that it was a cell that is in your body after u get pregnant, abortion or miscarriage and grows in your body, usually not dangerous, but if it is inside the uterus can be dangerous if you try to have a children. I started being scared and told her will I be okay, she told me to go to the hospital to get a sonogram test so they can see inside.. I was scared, though that it was over for me

Part 2  is next

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