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Weight Loss/Fibroids: Update Summer 2013


It has been a long time since I documented my journey about my fibroids. Up until last year, I was also fighting Thyroids. I was lucky that I wasn’t prescribed any medications. Last August, I had a wake-up call while I was on vacation at my mom’s in Montreal, Canada. I was at 210 lbs. I could NOT BELIEVE IT!! As I am typing this I am still in shock, because throughout my life I was always very active. I only gained some weight when I wasn’t doing anything. Even when I did, I was able to kick myself out of it real quick, and I was back to normal.

After second diagnosis with the fibroids, I just could not loose any weight, I went to the gym about 3 times a week, and I was training for 2 hours, I stopped drinking any alcohol, I almost became a vegetarian. No results: no gain, no loss, no sweat. That’s when I went back to my family doctor and they did a blood test and told me it looked like I had hypothyroidism. But she would not prescribe me anything yet because once you start taking theses types of medication, you have to take them for the rest of your life. So she made me come back every 6 months to make other blood tests. Same results.

I remember during that time, being so stressed internally, and I know it didn’t helped my case. I would not stressed about the fibroids case itself, but I would stress about anything else going on in my life. I wanted to have kids, a husband, a normal life, but never could find the right partner, I though to myself that I was getting old and that if I don’t do anything about it, then my eggs would expire. I went through some of the worse part of my life instead of not stressing.

This year after a very bad break-up I found myself in an hospital, and that is when I had my life wake-up call. I had a panic attack, and I though I was having a heart attack. They did an EKG at the doctor at first and on the first test, it wasn’t normal, so the doctor sent me to the Emergency Room. On my way there, my thoughts were changing, I told myself I could continue to stress about life and everything under the sun and die, or live and just do me and let God guide me. The second test with the technician was normal.

EKG Scare

That was my sign, I choose God.  Before I even saw the doctor, I left the hospital (I couldn’t afford the fees), I swore to myself that I would not let anybody else treat me the way I was being treated, and I started with me. I moved out of my place, I cut a lot of people out of my life, off my phone, off my gmail, etc,  and I decided to start running every morning to give my a jump start to feel better about myself. I remember, how I used to stretch in the morning and meditate waking up early just to find some inspiration before starting my day.

Planet Fitness

I registered to Planet Fitness and I was doing only 45 minutes. It really helped me out a lot. My best friend Yona is a personal trainer now, but she gave me a long time ago a simple training exercise regiment to do to stay in shape (she also always been very active, basketball player, to skateboard, to gym addict, to personal trainer). I remembered the training that she showed me back then and just did that. The first day I wanted to quit, but I kept repeating positive words to myself to keep on going.

To me, it was all about being active again, not being worried about loosing weight, and I started eating normally for most part, I drink wine and certain liquor, but I don’t overdo it. I occasionally even have some Mc Donalds to keep me happy. I am now at 165lbs and I know by next year I will be back to normal, 150lbs is my goal but already I feel much better about life and about everything. I hate running, but it helped a lot. I am going to take some kickboxing classes again this fall, and I am going back to my normal life. I don’t diet, because I believe when you diet, you do it temporarily and as soon as you go back to your regular eating habits, weight comes back. I adopted this mentality a long time ago when I saw Jennifer Aniston on tv and the interviewer asked her what type of diet is she following and she responded :  “The Common Sense Diet”, she don’t diet, she learned not to overeat. Personally, I don’t diet, I think the only diet I have done is the no alcohol diet and I have failed I guess..lol


I still have the 3 fibroids, but they haven’t grown in size since 2011, the biggest one is 3cm. That was the last result from My OB/GYN in June 2013. Also I still don’t have my flat stomach as you can see, but it will come in time, I can finally do some crunches without my scar area hurting me. I haven’t gain weight overnight, so I know I will not loose it overnight but I am getting there. I am so happy about life again, I have much more energy and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I hope this helps someone who feels discouraged, because I know I was, and also, if it wasn’t for the right people around me at that time, God only knows where I would’ve ended up.

Thank you to all of the people who helped me getting my life back. Also, thank you for reading My story and to share with me your own personal Journey, I trully appreciate it!


Miss Jhane


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My story with Fibroids… and more…

Since the last time, I have been taking vitamins and I tried my best to stay away from too much of greasy food. Also, I found a Hospital in Montreal, Royal Victoria Hospital, I went through the emergency because they would not take an appointment for me at their clinic EVEN WITH  a doctor’s paper!!

I had to do as if I was in soooo muuuccch pain that I needed to see the doctor and it worked. I wish that I didn’t had to, but my stomach is still big and it is hard sometimes morally, and I can’t stay like this. Since May that I have found out that I have fibroid and nobody is really treating me (talk about free healthcare in Canada. If you are not on your death bed, they will put you on a waiting list). If I could afford it, I would go private seriously.

But the doctor saw me and did a quick sonograms test and saw that it was big so they said that he will refer me the next day to the gynaecology clinic for full sonograms test and they will be able to take care of me (which is funny because the same day earlier, at the clinic they wouldn’t take me for appointment saying they were overbooked for a few months)…

I was able to see the doctor AND the physician, plus 2 interns (I guess my case was really special), they not only found Fibroids, but also dermoids and Endometriosis that leads to have cysts that I have in one of my ovaries. Not too sure what it meant, I ask them and they said that my cysts are benign so far (no cancer.. ouuuf), one is 3 cm long and that’s what’s causes me to have very heavy periods and if I would try to have kids I would probably fail or have complications. They also told me that a lot of females thinks that it is normal, but it is not, to have very heavy menstrual periods, excess bloating and excruciating pain.

I done a little reading on my own and found out that it might be cause of lots of stress (stress is what starts all types of cancers). I did have a lot of stress before, everybody does, but I would take news, changes, lack of money, anything, by stress, I would not eat of not take care of myself. You know the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!!?” that is true, when u eat healthy, your body will take stress more easily, now I’m not saying that it is the same for everybody, I am no doctor or physician or anything like that. I am a female that is going through some changes and speaks about HER experiences.

I do have a follow up with Royal Victoria Hospital next month, they have to study my case with a team of gynecologist and will give me the final diagnostic and my options. They also gave me a copy by writing of the results THE SAME DAY!! (the other hospital I went before sent me the result 2 months later!!). I would write everything in details, but that is relevant only to me. But As you already know, I do have 10 fibroid, where 4 are big (the urgent one is the 10 cm, grapefruit size), and now I found out that I also have a different cyst in each ovaries. Which makes my periods very painful, mostly now than ever before. Hopefully on my next visit, I will have good news, I would like to have the options to have kids. But if adoption is what I need to do, then I think I will have to deal with.. Only God knows the answer for me. But I can’t remain stress. I really need to refocus and only surround myself with positive people. Some will hate me for doing so but I can’t save anyone or take the stress off of anyone who can’t help themselves first!!

Miss Jhane

I have been diagnosed with Fibroids (part 1)

Since January 2009, I noticed that I was gaining weight. At first, I though it was normal since it was after the holidays, you have that extra happy food weight, but in January with the resolutions that I made for myself I though that it was time to get back in shape, especially as a singer-songwriter, I wanted to feel good about myself when I step on stage.

I tried dieting, doing the Master Cleanse Diet, which I already tried before, but this time, after one day, I found myself getting more sick so I stopped. I started training to the gym where  I work, but my tummy seemed to grown instead of going down. What is weird is that I was really training EVERY DAY!!! I always felt tired also, like no energy, and in the morning, I had very huge back pain, migraines, stomach aches, to a point that I really though I was pregnant, or just having weird PMS. At first I didn’t do nothing about it, but as the months went, it was getting worse, to a point that I had jerk chicken one night and the next day, I couldn’t even get out of bed cause I felt like my whole body was in pain. I took myself to the doctor for my regular yearly check up where she felt my stomach (I looked like I was 5-6 months pregnant) and she said, I might have fibroid or is pregnant or both. And I asked my doctor, what is fibroid??

She kind of explain to me that it was a cell that is in your body after u get pregnant, abortion or miscarriage and grows in your body, usually not dangerous, but if it is inside the uterus can be dangerous if you try to have a children. I started being scared and told her will I be okay, she told me to go to the hospital to get a sonogram test so they can see inside.. I was scared, though that it was over for me

Part 2  is next

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