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Journey: Living with Fibroids

The years have passed since I began my journey on my blog in 2009. A LOT has happened. If you didn’t already know, I’ve had 2 myomectomy surgeries so far. One in 2009 and the 2nd one in 2018 (details in previous blogs). I still have one of 9 cm on top of my uterus who was left there since my last surgery because of where it is located. I pray it will shrink eventually by itself.

We are now in 2022. I still got that large fibroid on top of my uterus, I believe I got used to it. But I continue praying for it to disappear. It did affect my mood sometimes as I haven’t seen my tummy flat in ages. I did change my eating habits a WHOLE LOT. Living in a urban city, of course I cheat here and there, but for most part I tend to eat lot of veggies, and I even eat mostly alkaline. That helped me tremendously. I did a recent video about what herbs I use for my fibroids. Hope it help someone to try.

This is my journey so far. Hope you are all doing well. Let me know how you feel.

By missjhane

My name is Jeanica T aka Miss Jhane. I am a singer-songwriter-entrepreneur. I was born in Montreal, Canada and for the past few years, I have been living in New York City.

I always had a passion for meeting people and writing about different stories and songs. My goals are about making people feel what I see and what I'm going through, the injustice of this world is affecting me a lot.

I started writing for my high school newspaper, then for a Vibe Plus (Unistar) Magazine later for Belle Creole Magazine in Montreal. I also do Freelance PR.

So I hope that you enjoy my world and what I am reporting from it.

Life is a Blessing!

One reply on “Journey: Living with Fibroids”

Thank you for sharing your journey, truly helped me gain insight and perspective. I’m now 6 weeks post op Abdominal Myomectomy and looking to losing the weight I’ve gained. Get back to work and reclaim some form of normality. I’ll definitely check out the recommended products you mentioned in archived entries. Please continue the updates and praying you continue to being well with your smile.

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