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Kia Soul, Soul Stealer of an Award Show

There is a fight that everyone should be attending.

David vs Goliath battle

David vs Goliath battle

How unfair it is for a small company to bring an award show proposal to Kia Motors, a big company, and then during the negotiation process, learning that Kia Motors took the same idea to YoutubeWalk The Talk LLC (WTT) for  StarsofWWW  brought their idea proposal to Kia to do an Internet Award Show, then less than a year later, found out Kia Motors presented the award show with Youtube.  What is unfair here  WTT haven’t received any credits, not even a mention about their visionary involvement.

By doing my research, I found out Kia Motors have been taking total credits off of other people’s idea as well. Joe Ann Lias, had a book, and the story about this book is similar to the Kia mascot click here for the story. And people already know how Kia is being sued for misrepresenting fuel efficiency in Canada and in the US between 2010 & 2013.

Going back to the award show, a PRESS RELEASE have been sent. The more people are aware of the situation, the less KIA MOTORS and some of the big corporate companies will attempt to take credit for innovative ideas coming from smaller businesses.


YouTube Steals Idea From One Of It’s Content Producers with KIA in the Driver’s Seat
For Immediate Release
(New York) November 17, 2013 Walk The Talk (WTT), a small, start-up company launched StarsofWWW.com to honor the stars of YouTube (YT) and Facebook artists. Internet’s Best Talent (IBT) videos are created with YouTube and Facebook stars alongside Grammy Award Winning performers in addition to musical celebrities.
Walk The Talk, LLC were in the process of producing the ‘Internet’s Best Talent First Music Award Show’ during the weekend of VidCon 2013. WTT had a contract to host the event at the glamorous Grove of Anaheim. Various additional aspects were in place including contacts with YT stars and sponsors.
WTT presented KIA Motors with an extensive concept for sponsoring its award show. KIA signed and submitted a non-disclosure for an idea that clearly would benefit them extensively with a minimally tapped audience. KIA, enthralled by the idea opened its doors to their advertising talent agency, US Initiative.
WTT made several revisions to proposals. There were also in person and phone meetings as well as prodigious email communications to indicate KIA would be the lead, presenting sponsor for ‘WTT’s Award Show’.
Things took a drastic turn when WTT realized that KIA’s financial commitment was slated for VidCon instead of their award show; KIA was informed of VidCon by WTT. During VidCon ’13 WTT was asked by Initiative if they were the driving force behind the YouTube/KIA upcoming award show. WTT was oblivious of a KIA/YT award show. WTT approached their KIA contact, George Haynes; he informed WTT that there was a gag order in place but WTT was assured that the award shows were not similar. In WTT approaching YT, they denied the development of an award show due to various legalities.
October 2, 2013 WTT was surprised at an email announcement from YT regarding an award show hosted by Lady Gaga presented by KIA on November 3, 2013. The award show entailed many of the same points submitted to KIA by WTT. To date, Walk The Talk has neither received credit or compensation.
Walk the Talk, LLC (starsofwww.com/SOWWW) is a collective that consists of producers, directors, editors, web designers, programmers and artists, contributing a wealth of knowledge, talent and creativity as a multi-media entertainment company. WTT’s team has over 30 years combined experience. SOWWW is the global introduction to WTT.
KIA (www.kia.com) was founded in 1944 and is Korea’s oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles. Over 2.7 million KIA vehicles a year are produced in nine manufacturing and assembly operations in five countries which are then sold and serviced through a network of distributors and dealers covering around 150 countries.
YouTube is the world’s most popular online video community allowing more than a billion people to discover, watch and share originally created videos. YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.
US Initiative is a media, marketing and digital company. As one of the world’s leading media strategy, planning and activation companies- with over thirty years of experience, and a network spanning six continents, with 91 offices in 70 countries. Initiative helps grow brands and build businesses. Initiative is owned by the Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) and is a global network within the company’s IPG Mediabrands unit. Initiative employs more than 2500 professionals, working in 90 offices across 75 markets worldwide.
VidCon Organized by Hank Green and John Green of the Vlogbrothers YouTube channel. VidCon is the largest gathering of the online video viewers, creators, and industry representatives worldwide, Thousands of attendees are drawn to the VidCon event, representing billions of online video views.
– 30 –
You can join in this battle by tweeting Kia Motors using the hashtags: #StarsofWWW #Small Business #YTMA #YoutubeMusicAwards
For Media Coverage & Update on the Battle:
WALK THE TALK LLC, StarsofWWW company website
Let me know below if it did happen to you as well!!
Let the battle Begin!!
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Sachika VS Lanvin NYFW Edition

Today is the Start of the New York Fashion Week: FASHION NIGHT OUT!! Everything about Fashion is Happening right now in the City. Just yesterday, I was looking at The View while doing my laundry. And I fell into Kim Kardashian segment where she was talking about her life and all.

The red really caught my attention because it is my favorite color. But what REALLY CAUGHT MY ATTENTION was the dress that looked like something I wore last year during Fashion Week.

Now I am not an expert in fashion, but the style to me is the EXACT SAME THING!! I love this shape of dress because it was designed for curvy women, with lots of Hips. So I can understand why Kim Kardashian would fell in love with it!

You be the judge by looking at the pictures!!

Sachika Model Wearing the Nicole Dress

Me during Sachika New York Fashion Week wearing the Nicole Dress

Getting a Red Carpet Interview with Carolyn M. Chappelle during NYFW 2011


I choose this dress after seeing it on Caroline Manzo from the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY at the SACHIKA NYFW runway in September 2010.

Caroline Manzo on the Sachika NYFW runway September 2010

With the designers SACHIKA TWINS

Now for the Lanvin Dress. Still Very nice!!

Kim Kardashian in Lanvin Design

Lanvin Sleeveless Ruffled Neoprene Dress

Let me know what you think!



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And the Lanvin Dress:





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I was going through my mail and fell into this video someone sent me about MISS REPRESENTATION. I will not talk long about it because it can be debated into so many different subtopics, but the video itself is talking about women and the power of media.

Still today women should have the power of knowledge instead of the power to “show it all”

Like Beyonce would Sing : “Who Run the World? (GIRLS)”… Really??

Sometimes Watching Shows like BASKETBALL WIVES & JERSEY SHORE… I really wonder, is it the type of Power women are striving for Now?

The show passed on OWN since September 2011 but the subject is still very much up to date.

I feel very much sad when I see theses things. But on another note, there are the women who are really making a difference, they just need to be much more mentioned.


Miss Jhane


Beyonce Post-Baby Curves

Every Media by now is talking about Beyonce going out for the first time since she gave birth. I believe she looks stunning!!! I loved how the red dress hugged her bootylicousness.

Beyonce was very smart to show her curves, because so many mega-celebrities only think about going to the gym to loose the weight right after giving birth. Beyonce decided to walk out there like a true woman who just gave birth and she looks wonderful. And, of course, she had to be present for her husband Jay-Z‘s concert at Carnegie Hall. Beyonce was wearing an Alice by Temperley “Molina” dress paired with Christian Louboutin heels.

Beyonce in an Alice Temperley dress at Jay-Z's concert in Carnegie Hall (photo courtesy of Fashion Court)

When I looked at the dress and the curves, it reminded me a little bit of when I had my myomectomy surgery and I had to stay in bed rest for a while, then I started loosing the weight by just walking. I was not allowed to do crunches yet but I had to go on with my life. The red dress that Beyonce had reminded me of the SACHIKA “Rae”dress I worn for a special night at Greenhouse, NYC back in 2010. I paired the dress with Steve Madden heels.

Miss Jhane in a SACHIKA "Rae" Dress

You can purchase the “Rae” Dress on the http://www.SACHIKA.com Store

SACHIKA "Rae" Dress

Now was it an “inspired” creation from the designer? Will there be a follow-up lawsuit? or will people now really see that skinny isn’t in? and hip hugging dresses is the next revolution for curvy women (or VERY curvy women)? One thing for sure, The Sachika Twins are always ahead in terms of fashion.

New York Fashion Week and the Grammys are a few days away. So you can be sure to see a lot of hip huggings dresses and outfits… if you don’t have the hips, there’s always padding, which I hear is on very high demands right now.

Let me know what you think.


Miss Jhane

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Let me know what you think?


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Angels in a Blue Dress

Miss Jhane Wearing “Nicole” by SACHIKA at New York Post Red Carpet for NYFW


This Spring is all about Bright colors. Bright pink, bright yellow, bright red. Even though Spring seems to be shy this year, the People here in New York are already sporting their spring outfits.

Personally, Blue has always been my least favorite color to wear, from elementary to  high school I was wearing a blue uniform, I never though it was bringing the best feature out of me or any black female in general. But this year had made me change my mind, when my girls SACHIKA TWINS told me it would be a great idea  to wear one of their Spring 2011 Collection, the Nicole dress.. yes a Blue Dress. I was about to say no and was about to ask for a Red Dress which has always been my comfort zone color, but I told myself I wanted to embrace new challenges.

Hop! I put on the dress on to wear to the SACHIKA  New York Fashion Week Fall 2011 Collection. I had a blast wearing the “Nicole” dress by Sachika. I had interviews, pictures taken so it was important for me to look my best. And it did work.

Miss Jhane wearing “Nicole” dress by Sachika at NYFW Fall 2011


At Sachika New York Fashion Week Red Carpet getting my interview by Carolyn M. Chappelle (photo credit: Josee Valcourt)

Also lately I noticed a lot of ladies embracing the Blue. Here’s a few of our fav Celebs. Ashanti coincidently was at the New York Fashion Week wearing the same color dress (her designer choice of the day was Marsheda) on February 16th 2010;  the same day I was at the SACHIKA Fall 2011 Collection at the Style 360 New York Fashion Week. I was having fun wearing “Nicole” by SACHIKA on the New York Post Red Carpet. We both had an updo hairstyle with sleeveless blue dress. I love Ashanti, always fun and classy. And a songwriter like MOI!
 Ashanti  wearing Marsheda at NYFW Feb 16th 2011
Others celebs are deciding to wear the Bright Blue colors this spring:

Angela Yee wearing SACHIKA

Kerry Washington in a blue dress at Calvin Klein Show at the Mercedez-Benz NWFW Fall 2011

Coco on the runway at SACHIKA New York Fashion Week Spring 2011 Collection

Eva Marcille wearing Naven blue dress at OK! Magazine event

Sachika Twins on Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week Runway



Sachika Spring 2011 Collection Lookbook
So ladies, divas, divos, don’t be afraid to try “something New” this Spring,  you just never know!!
Get Out of the Blues, and start Wearing blue.
to get the “Nicole” SACHIKA Dress or any Sachika Spring 2011 Collection,
1-888- SACHIKA ,
direct line : 917-740-1835,
Customise Dresses for the Modern Woman Who Knows What She Wants
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Hi everyone,

I am so happy that I had the surgery during the winter and not during the summer (especially THIS summer). As people complain about the heat (I really don’t see why??) I am complaining about my weight that is still fluctuate… I have started to run, but it was harder than usual, I am about size 8-9 (try to find that in the stores) and I used to be a size 5-6, so you can understand my frustration a little bit (thank God for the tights).

If you look at my birthday blog you will see my latest pictures, as I though I would have lost all of the weight…  I didn’t, still, I had a great time. I was running, doing crunches, watching what I ate, but still, nothing (okay in May I cheated, I ate a LOT of fried chicken.. I don’t eat lots of meal during the day, but I did  went hard on fried chicken… didn’t help my case..lol)…  In June, I was  running, long walks and crunches but still no changes from my belly sometimes I felt as if my belly was getting BIGGER instead of becoming toned… I started doing some research about why this happen after myomectomy surgery,  very hard to find some informations. So I did my little research to try to discover why this can happen to someone who had a baby or C-section.. what I found out really surprised me…

After seeing my doctor for follow up about 3 weeks ago, he suggested me to gradually go back to exercises and my body will get use to it; and that was after I told him about my pain after I sneezed that started again, or when I do crunches, I told him, it doesn’t hurt my stomach per say, but mostly my scar area, also I don’t know if it is because of the humidity, it itches, even though I moisturize this area. He said not to worry, my body has been through a lot of changes since I had the fibroids, to give it some times it will go back to normal.

While I was reading the AMNY newspaper (and some websites that I read about post-C-Section exercices) , the Health section was informing about new mommies and what to do after they given birth. And it was saying, while a lot of women THINK that doing lots of crunches and hard exercices is going to get that tummy flat again, women actually hurt themselves more and can result in SWELLING the tummy area, which will makes it bigger!!!! (now I get it) They suggested to do some stretching, light endurance’s exercices like Pilates.

Ok, now I have to find a place that does that. I found “sample” youtube video advertisement for Post-C-Section Pilates exercises. I tried Yoga, I still don’t know what is Pilates, to me, Pilates is a hyper version of Yoga, but I have been told it’s really not. This is harder for me, because I was a dancer and I am use to do fast movement. Yoga and Pilates are very slow movement, but apparently works pretty well to build area that we would not think we have. So I won’t do no crunches AT ALL!! only stretch exercices and long walk and we will see. Also I haven’t forget to keep eating my greens and fruits and plenty of water (ESPECIALLY NOW!!). And I will sleep on my back again (haven’t done that since the 6 weeks post-surgery).

I’m still not fully recovered, but I will take my time until I get on my reach goal.

One day at a time, still I embrace my new curves, I am really not trying to become size 0 like I had once been (I even was -1, my old friends said I looked scary and to never let myself go down that weight again)…

But I am enjoying and try not to get frustrated, everything is a process… no.. everything WORTH IT is a process. I know I CAN have kids, so now I have to follow the process of taking care of my body and health so I can deliver naturally (doctor said it will be possible if I wait a year to have kids). Like I know I have that talent on stage, so it is to me to work at it, one day at a time.

One day at a time,


Miss Jhane,

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