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Chichiller – MECO D’ART featuring PATCHOUCO & MISS JHANE

I had an opportunity to be do a featuring in Kreyol (even though it is not my first language).

Part of the HIP HOP KREYOL movement in Canada.

Hope you like it!!


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My birthday June 24!!

This was such a blessing day. I woke up feeling like on a beautiful cloud, I felt blessed and happy. I really took my time during the day.. it was so HOT outside,  I didn’t do much during the day, well, I when I did try to just take a little walk, I was sweating like I was taking a shower with my clothes on, so I lay low during the day, knowing also that I would be with my people later for my birthday dinner and clubbing at Greenhouse in New York City.

Dinner was great at BUN SOHO, a very tasteful vietnamese restaurant, beautiful people around a great table. Mz Berry from VH1 “For the Love of Ray J” came thru as well, that’s a first for me to have a celebrity coming at my bday, it meant A LOT! I took time to get to know her a little and she is has a lot of charisma and is real. You need to follow her to find out the latest about Mz Berry

Bun Soho

Winter flower tea (I think that's it)

Phô Chicken Soup

Beautiful people at Bun Soho

We then headed out to Greenhouse NYC where we had a VIP table upstairs in a private section. Who walks in our section, my favorite MARY J. BLIGE. People who knows and follow me how I loveee her from her beginnings. She was partying with her husband/manager/producer Kendu Isaacs and she introduced her new artist Starshell, a singer-songwriter who just released in the clubs “Superlova” a 80’s fun girl feeling type of song. Very good. No pic with Mary J. Blige because she was really here to focus on her new artists that was with her. I love Mary, she is not only a great singer, she knows how to handle her business. For my bday, having Mary J. Blige in the same VIP section as me WOW!!

Mary J. Blige & Starshell (Mary J. new artist from Matriach Records)

I was sooo happy my girls SACHIKA TWINS organized the evening for me. We’ve known each other for almost a decade now, but it was after moving to New York that we really became closer and we all successful on our respective area, they are my family on the Vietnamese side (eheh).  Make sure you get their dresses or the TUX for men on www.sachika.com

VH1 Mz Berry and I

Cindy, Me and Mz Berry @ Greenhouse NYC

Mary J. Blige, Kendy Isaac, Starshell

Me, Mz Berry, Sachika Twins

Happy Bday to meeee!!

Feeling bless,

Miss Jhane

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NY Daily News Annual Business Conference

Created by the Money section of the Daily News and co-sponsored by CUNY and Newteck, the annual Small Biz Big Impact happened this morning with Great Panel, at the Performing Art Center of CUNY in Tribeca, registration was free and it was made for people who have a small business, big business, students or people interested to open a business.

Breakfast at CUNY

The morning started with greetings and breakfast, wonderful platters of fruits, croissants, coffee, etc. Then the first Panel started: “Getting the Buck” with panelists David Rose (chairman of Rose Tech Ventures and New York Angels), Jennifer Wright (Co-founder Environmentally Conscious Organization, creator of pizza box that can be folded into plates and containers), Pravina Raghavan (NY District Director of U.S. Small Business Administration), Don Dimartini (Vice president of NY Business Development) and Steven Kessler (Veteran financial executive, counselor at Score NYC). They spoke about where to get counseling without even spending a dollar, the importance of having a Business Plan, and the journey and advices of the panelists.

Me with Rasu Jilani of Coup D'Etat Brooklyn (famous for the "Vote for Huey" and Clothing Line Movement) http://cdtbk.com

The Second Part of the conference was about Making the Most of Technology with panelists: Rasu Jilani (co-founder of hip hop fashion company Coup d’ Etat i.e “Vote for Huey”), Jay Greenstein (President and head of online operations at retail chain R.A.G. NY), Ben Kaufman (Founder and product development company Quirky.com), Nelly Yusupova (Owner of DigitalWoman) and Ramon Ray (Editor of SmallBizTechnology.com).  That section focused on how to use all the technology tools in the business world and get a “technology plan” to grow the business, the importance to “Try and Fail”. It was interesting to see that some of the panelists of the second part have different opinions and definitions of having a business plan. The dicussion was mostly advising everyone to use all the free websites and tools you already have and make a profit out of it without even having to seek bank approval or other “traditional” services.

Panelists (left to right): Maria Gotsch, Rob Walsh, Sarah Endline, Lisa Price and Jessica Johnson

Third panel : ” Preparing for the turnaround” included panelists Jessica Johnson (co-owner of Johnston Security Bureau), Lisa Price (Founder of Carol’s Daughter), Sarah Endline (Former Yahoo executive who founded fast-rising, socially conscious candy company Sweetriot), Rob Walsh (Commissioner of the city Department of Small Business Services) and Maria Gotsch, President of New York City Investment Fund). The importance of remaining a hard worker, even after starting your company, cutting back on products that don’t work and focus on selling what is working, do research and ask questions to the “Money ressources”. They also spoke about how important it is to have a plan and mostly, what have you been able to do by yourself instead of just submitting a business plan to potential investors.

What was brought into my attention is the website Mr Rob Walsh was talking about is “Business Express”, a tool to help on on business in New York City go to


Lisa Price who started her hair and body line “Carol’s Daughter” in her kitchen, told her story about how she started and then have celebrities had Mary J.Blige, Jay-Z, Jada Pinkett as investors in her product (her line is now worth millions of dollars).

Jessica Johnson put the emphasis on female to be able to mold yourself into anything to help grow your business, she had to do the work sometimes because somebody didn’t show up, but the business had to keep on going.

To me it was very inspiring and I urge all business owners, who people who thinking about starting a business to start by at least writing down what you expect out of your business, do the research, network, dress appropriately, don’t be discouraged and be greateful!!

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Miss Jhane

Geisha Sushi Restaurant & Catering (Restaurant et Traiteur Geisha Sushi)

One of the best place to go for sushi when you’re in Montreal, of if you visit the city, is Geisha Sushi. Located on 150 St-Zotique St. East, Montreal, Qc, H2S 1K8 Canada, it is owned by the couple Chef Ty and Lina To-lan, parents of the celeb designers SACHIKATWINS. In Geisha Sushi, you will taste different types of sushi plates: Geisha, Vegetarian, California, La Quebecoise, Sachika etc… The presentation, the  location (right by Little Italy area of Montreal), the people, the ‘ambiance’ of the place, makes the experience at Geisha Sushi restaurant very unique. I was able to taste some of  what I call “THE BEST SUSHI EVER!!”. I do not eat sea food, but they were able to give me different types of vegetarian sushi plates. I left this place full and happy because the ‘ambiance’ was warm and familiar, also, it is very healthy. Miam! Here are some pictures taken of my visit;

Un des endroits à découvrir à Montréal, ou lors de votre prochaine visite à Montréal, est le Geisha Sushi et Traiteur. Localisé au 150 rue St-Zotique Est, Montréal, Qc, H2S 1K8 Canada, le restaurant appartient au couple Chef Ty and Lina To-lan, parents des celebres designers SACHIKATWINS. Vous y découvrez differents types de Sushi: Geisha, Vegetarian, California, La Quebecoise, Sachika etc. La présentation, l’endroit (localisé à la Petite Italie de Montréal), les gens, l’ambiance font de Geisha Sushi une expérience délectable. J’ai eu l’occasion de déguster ce que je surnomme, “LE MEILLEUR RESTAURANT DE SUSHI”. Je ne suis pas amateur de fruit de mer, mais ils ont réussis à me faire differentes types de plat de sushi végétarien. Je suis repartie le ventre plein et heureuse car l’ambiance familiale y était très chaleureuse et acceuillante, voici quelques images prises par moi lors de ma visite;

House Salad

Vege sushi

Vege sushi

Geisha Sushi restaurant

Geisha Sushi Restaurant

Geisha Sushi Restaurant

Newspaper article

Owners: Lina To-lan & Chef Ty

Here’s a wonderful video, shot and edited  by Cyril Mahe aka Niroshima on his visit in Montreal.  He is a brilliant producer and filmmaker and he knows how to showcase the place at its best, because it is the best sushi restaurant in Montreal.

Voici un merveilleux video promotionel, filmé et édité par Cyril Mahe aka Niroshima lors de sa visite à Montréal. Il est un producteur talentueux et il sait comment promovoir l’endroit à son meilleur, car ceci est le meilleur restaurant de Sushi à Montréal.

Geisha Sushi also provides Catering service which is perfect for any type of special occasions. A perfect place to order for the holidays, office receptions, graduations, weddings, high school reunions etc…

Geisha Sushi offre également un service de traiteur, parfait pour n’importe quelle occasion. Une bonne place pour commander pour les vacances de Noël, les fêtes de bureaux, graduations, marriages, réunions d’école secondaire, etc…

Feel free to leave comments after your visit!

Laissez un commentaire après votre visite!


150 St Zotique E,

Montreal, QC H2S 1K8

Tel: 514-273-7737

Miss Jhane

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