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I made a video on my Youtube channel to speak about the latest vitamins I am taking since the year has started.

This is my first step to restore health not only on my hair but also for my body in general. As you know I have Fibroids and I also have Iron Deficiency. After my Hairfinity Experiment, I had to find what works best for me. Also, during the Winter, I usually have less energy. I do get sometimes depressed, only because the sun is not as present as it is the rest of the year, and by Self-Diagnosing, I found out it is called Seasonal Affective Disorder. I wanted to find Vegetarian Vitamins to really restore my health. After doing long research I found theses vitamins and it works well on myself, so I wanted to share with you all what works for me. I do not take them everyday, but they come in handy!! Don’t forget to consult your physician first.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a doctor or physician, just a woman who did her research after having a few health issues. Take the time to consult your physician before taking anything that could harm your body. Vitamins were purchased with my own money.


A comprehensive prenatal formula, offering increased doses of Calcium and other major minerals, vitamins E, C, A and D, amino acids and a complete B-complex in a fortified rice bran base. Free of Artificial colors and preservatives. Vegetarian, Yeast & Gluten Free.


Biotin is a water-soluble B-Vitamin. It helps to promote healthy skin, nails and hair. Vegetable Capsule, Gluten, Wheat & Dairy Free.

Adequate vitamin D3 intake supports a balanced immune system, supports an elevated mood, and helps maintain healthy bones to name a few benefits and is required prenatal nutrition for fetal development.* During winter time months, adults should consider taking 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily.* Vegetarian Capsule


Helps prevent neural tube defects when taken before and during the early stages of pregnancy. Helps produce red blood cells. A factor in the maintenance of good health.


Helps maintain energy utilization & promote red blood cell production.


Hemp oil has the closest to ideal ratio of omegas – perfect for helping you achieve optimal health. Plus, hemp oil contains the rare Omega-6 Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). GLA has been linked to helping with heart health, weight management, hormonal balance, skin & hair health, and many other benefits



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Fibroids & Anemia…. Because of Stress??

Hello all,

So I have been trying to lose weight recently. I am just not in shape like I would like to. Some people when they see me think I look good, but I know personally I just don’t feel quite right. I have been trying to research around Youtube about weight loss, Fibroids and Anemia and basically I fell into a few videos, but this one in particular caught my attention.


Also for those who still don’t know what is a Fibroid you can check out this video that explains it

And this video is stating that Watermelon is actually full of Iron (which I didn’t even know)

That last video really REALLY opened my eyes. Tomorrow I will go to the food stand and get a full watermelon, also I will drink green tea in the morning,, drink a bottle of water a day and no fry food at all, and, I will exercise intensively for 30 minutes 3 times a day. I will do that experiment for about a month. I had stopped drinking alcohol since last december so that is good.

We will see if there is any improvement. I will show you before and after pictures to show. As for the fibroids, the first video really made sense to me. And I did let a lot of stress get to me, maybe that is why the fibroids came back, and my anemia is still present.

Stress is a number 1 “mental” killer, imagine if you had no stress, happiness everyday, I am pretty sure it could help out getting through certain sicknesses as cancers and other things.

This last video I have found and I really like is about stress management. It starts with a smile. Even when people are unhappy, don’t let it affect you. Smile and if you are spiritual like me, thank the Lord because you are able to breathe, or walk, or sing, or dance, or whatever makes you happy. As an exercise, we should all take 30 minutes and close our eyes, no sleeping, just close your eyes and think about what makes you happy, there must be at least ONE thing that made your day today. If it was staying in bed all day, then good, if it was buying groceries, then great!!

I will give other development in about a month from now to show you the result.

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Miss Jhane



Myomectomy Journal: 2 Months Post-Op

I still remember my surgery day (November 30th 2k9)  like it was yesterday. But it happen now a little more than 2 months ago..

I went to see my doctor last thursday for my follow-up, it was suppose to be after 6 weeks, but hospital was full. Since I had my periods he couldn’t check everything. At first, the resident doctor came to see me to review my whole file. Then Dr. Buckett came in and he checked my stomach, pressed here and there, he seemed amazed that the scar cleaned. He then recommend that since it has been 2 months since the surgery, and since I hadn’t done ANY activities but walking (no sexual intercourse, no gym, no running, no smoking, very little alcohol), that I was ready to exercise again! He said to go back completely to normal, which I was very happy about it. It took me a lot of patience, I didn’t even sang anywhere, no photoshoot. It was like a real vacation.

I did put up some a little more weight, but I know it will come off pretty quickly, I like to move a lot and I am a very active usually, that is why it was a bit hard for me to stay still for 6 weeks. But I am giving myself a month to lose some (I really stopped eating pork and beef, as I read, it digest very slowly), lots of chicken, veggies, fruits, fish (tuna mostly).

My doctor told me to go back to normal, to gradually do exercises, because I was inactive for a while. Going up and down the stairs is hard, but I am trying as much as possible not to take elevators or escalators. Starting next week. I am enrolling myself to a gym, if there wasn’t any snow, I would run outside. Just 20 minutes a day I know will be okay. I will post some pics.

But, I am grateful because I am okay. Dr Buckett told me in my case, if I was trying now to have kids, I would need a C-section, but if I wait after a year, I might be able to do it naturally. I hope for Plan B. For my periods, the first few months might be difficult still because of the operation, but it will go back to normal after a few months. I told him that I have pain on the first day, but that my periods is only 4-5 days compare to before ( 7 -10 days) which is pretty amazing. As for my anemia, he mentioned to continue taking Iron. Then he sent me to take blood test, if my level is still very low, he will call me back. I didn’t have to ask other questions. But I am going to see him again in June for another follow-up on my health.

I’ve done a lot of stretching and I really can’t wait to have my shape back, so that I could do what needs to be done. I received the informations about ASK4TELL4, Beverly Johnson Fibroids Campaign. I do not work for them, but I am urging EVERY WOMAN to order the information kit, it is free and contain a lot of informations about Fibroids Treatment Options. Beverly Johnson started this because she went through it herself, and she doesn’t want other women to go through it without getting all the proper information.

Ask4Tell4 Brochures Kit

Get your free brochure at http://www.ask4tell4.com and spread the word as much as possible. As you will see in the brochure, it starts with that question : “Do I want to keep my fertility?”, on my end it was a YES and it did happen. For now I am cured. But as I was informed, fibroids can come back (I’m not sure about my dermoid cysts), but for now I am safe.

I am glad that my story touched so many women. Thank you for the positive responses and feedbacks, emails etc.

Stay blessed women and stay positive,

Miss Jhane

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