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Abdominal Myomectomy Post-Surgery: 6 Months

May 30th has been 6 months since my abdominal myomectomy surgery. I received a lot of comments and emails thanking me about me  telling my story. I am very greateful for wordpress blog to be able to share it. Also because of the internet I was able to find a lot of options BEFORE my surgery..

I was looking into informations about my stage: 6 months post-surgery. Haven’t found many stories, articles or tips but I will tell you what happen with me in the past couple of month.

I think it is my hormones acting up though. I am loosing and gaining weight like a menopausal woman. I am not big but I am not the size 5-6 around the waist like I used to (not yet). I didn’t try to diet too much because I know I am not in that level yet. I do some exercices here and there but I guess if I was doing more, I will see more results. I stopped doing crunches for a while, it was hurting my bottom abdominal, where the scar is still visible. I lift little weights, but what I do mostly is taking very long walks and run. I use to HATE running, and I haven’t done it in a few weeks because I was moving to a new place, but it is a part of my recovery exercices that I have to do.

Other things that I’ve noticed, when I’m sitting down, I have to stretch arms in the air a lot. If not, the bottom part of my stomach starts to hurt like my stomach is too big for the scar, but that’s my fault I think. To my thinking, I ate some fried food, and even though I’m eating more healthy like vegetables, fruits, fibers, taking iron supplements,  one day of fry food, alcohol and no exercises equals, food retention in my belly.. (I guess it is normal, right??). My birthday is in 22 days, June 24th, I have my doctor appointment in  a few weeks, so I will do as much as 3 times a week of running, eating healthy, drink lots of water, no alcohol (okay, less alcohol) and see what happen. I will take picture before and the day of my birthday so you can all see.

My periods cycle is so regular now and much less pain that I used to have before. Mostly, I try not to stress.. I went through a lot last winter and I believe that a healthy body comes with no stress or without putting any stress to it. I pray that I will remain healthy and that fibroids won’t come back until it is time to remove the whole uterus.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like my new found post-surgery curves, I even got some friends who wants to go through the same thing just to get more butt or chest, but I am more comfortable with a little less , or I just have to get used to it (aaaahh the quest for the perfect body)…

Miss Jhane 6 months post op

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