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Hey everyone,

First,  I would like to say that I am writing this info because I have seen in at HITMAKERS CASTING and knowing someone will be very interested by it, I am sending the information as a reference.. I AM NOT PART OF OR AFFILIATED WITH IN ANY SORT WITH THE PROJECT... I AM ONLY DOING A GOOD DEED, IF YOU ARE REALLY INTERESTED, SEND THE INFO TO THE LINK BELOW. THANK YOU.



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I have been diagnosed with Fibroids (Part 2)

The same day I took myself to the emergency with the recommendation from my doctor to act as if I was REALLY hurt that way they would see me by the emergency doctor. So that’s what I did, and they saw me (no need to say I spend ever ending hours at the hospital before being seen). The doctor did 2 urine tests, one blood test, heart rate etc.. no sonogram test yet, and said that I am not pregnant but I will do a sonogram test the next day at the MRI. When I went to the MRI, everybody was so nice. I had to wear the jacket and they did the sonogram test as if I was pregnant. I saw inside of my tummy, well, not literally, but the first thing the doctor said was confirming that I had a big fibroid that grew near my abdominal and it was 10 cm, the size of a grapefruit (that was back in May). I got a bit scared and asked her if it was dangerous and she said no,  I will only feel uncomfortable.  Then she said, wait I see more.. She counted one, then another one, 3 in a corner.. In total 10 FIBROID so far in my body, but only 1 grew big, she even said why didn’t I came earlier, I said I didn’t know I had that and I barely still know what it is..

She said it is usually not cancerous, that it is very common with black females, that it is still unsure where does that come from. They also said I don’t have any fibroid in my uterus and they asked me if I wanted to have kids, I told them yes since I don’t have any…  After my test they send me back to see the doctor at the emergency and they gave me a list of gynecologists to call to get an appointment with one of them so he can give me my date for the surgery. I asked the doctor what do I do until then?? no medicine? you don’t keep me?? I’m in pain.. And they said no, they cannot do anything for the moment.  My appointment is July 16th and we were in May with my grapefruit size fibroid!! I couldn’t believe it.

Not satisfied I decided to do something about it!!

Here are some pictures of me BEFORE I found out I had fibroid. You will see as the months goes by, I tried to hide my stomach but it was still obviously showing more and more

January 11th @ a Industry Event! My tummy was starting a little but not enough for me to notice, I though it was happy holidays weight

Miss Jhane

This picture of me was taken in February @ Sachika Fashion Networking event. My belly started to show

sachika me

This picture was taken in May Just before I had my appointment. You can see how it grew bigger and the top of my body is getting bigger as well


Now, after being 2 full days at the hospital, and nobody to guide me through it, I decided to do my own research on the internet.

More on Part 3

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