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Meeting Kelis @ Greenhouse NYC

This past thursday at Greenhouse NYC, me, my girls @SACHIKATWINS @ALISAMARIA1 @BROWNOCEAN and crew went to Greenhouse for one of twins friends birthday (Lots of Cancer celebrations… YAY). So we head out to our favorite thursday night spot Greenhouse NYC for some good time, VIP style of course, bottles, beautiful people and great time.

The biggest highlight for me that night was of course superstar singer Kelis, who was promoting her new album “FLESH TONE”, she was in the VIP section just in front of ours. That was cool. What was more cool was that she didn’t seem to mind to have people coming at her for pictures and talking to her. She seemed very poised, so of course those who knows me, I went to talk to her, but not right away, I always go at the right time, when my guts tells me go….

She was very poised and then it was her time to perform. She performed one of her single “4th of July (Fireworks)” video is already out (of course) and in rotations. Here’s Kelis performing her new hit song:

Here’s the Official Video:

I really enjoyed her performance, and I really like her style, looove the red hair (or course my favorite color), her style is very out of this world, maybe that’s why she has a track with Benny Benassi (Black Eyed Peas) called  SPACESHIP

So after the big crowd dissipated a little, I went and spoke to her. I just had to let her know what I really knew about her song “Get Along With You” from her first album Kaleidoscope, that song is so powerful and so underestimated, I told her what I knew about it;  she is very much down-to-earth and very very thankful (only real fans and supporters knows about the meaning of it for it). I was happy to have told her what that song meant to me…

If you never seen the video or heard the song back in 2000 (yes 10 years ago), here it is:

What a great night and moment to have meet another one of my favorites inspiration.

Me with Kelis

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Bless all,

Miss Jhane

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