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I was going through my mail and fell into this video someone sent me about MISS REPRESENTATION. I will not talk long about it because it can be debated into so many different subtopics, but the video itself is talking about women and the power of media.

Still today women should have the power of knowledge instead of the power to “show it all”

Like Beyonce would Sing : “Who Run the World? (GIRLS)”… Really??

Sometimes Watching Shows like BASKETBALL WIVES & JERSEY SHORE… I really wonder, is it the type of Power women are striving for Now?

The show passed on OWN since September 2011 but the subject is still very much up to date.

I feel very much sad when I see theses things. But on another note, there are the women who are really making a difference, they just need to be much more mentioned.


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Hemp Oil to cure Fibroids

This is a very quick video of this young lady I found on Youtube on my quest to my health and dealing with Fibroids. She has a friend who has fibroids and is saying that by taking Cold Pressed Hemp Oil and Green Tea, that there was a difference in the fibroids growth AND stomach was flatter….

As I am experimenting with natural products more and more, I am telling myself why not try… will get it this week from my organic store and will give you some news in a few…

Here is the video

What do you think?


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   Before my myomectomy surgery In December 2009, I was able to shoot my first video in Montreal, Canada by Eyezeberg Vizion, a Young Director who is starting to make a Big name for himself. With his associate “Sleepy” we shot that video in one day. I remember being happy but cold. I was happy to have shot my first video in my hometown. No matter where I live in the world, I know and remember where I’m coming from. We shot a few scene around Mount-Royal and a another party around Montreal-North (where I was born).

Process always takes long but it came out at the right time. If it would have come out last year, it would not have been great for promotion or anything because I was still on post-surgery recovery. But now. I am ready to continue my journey to my success.

I’m so happy with everything: the song, the video, the team I worked with that day. Thank you soooo much

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I was a winner!!!

I didn’ t win the lottery, but to me life is about enjoying everything, the good, the bad, the ugly..

I was soo inspired by life today that I decided to share my prize with you all (well, in Pictures..lol..). I have received a call saying that I participated in a draw at the WEST CONFERENCE and that I won a designer bag from KICHI USA. May I saw I was happy?? The lady said I had to choose a bag from 8 different choices that they had, it was really hard just to pick JUST ONE!! But I am happy to have been able to win something. It pays to show up

Here are the pictures from me opening the box to actually enjoy the designer bag, you will soon see me rocking it in a next red carpet or special event. For more informations I left the name and informations down the blog!!

Receiving the package. the Kichi bag was inside the beige pouch, a little like Louis Vutton

Nice Personal Message to MOI

The Kichi bag (it is really silver but I guess it was too blingy for the camera..lol)


The Kichi USA label




Elethia Deal
Alexander Q. Image Group
Lead Image Consultant
Professional Speaker & Trainer
Office: (215) 821 8827
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1st Women Empowerment Conference

April 10th 2010 was the 1st Annual Women Empowerment Day Conference.

WEST 1st Conference

The whole day was about female and the power that we do have and uplifting conferences and seminar hosted by the WEST organization.  It was held at the CCNY on April 10th 2010, the day started with health breakfast. Platter of fruits, bagels, orange juice, coffee and tea.

We then had the first conference with Moderator, Founder and CEO.

Throughout the day, there was different panels with exiting and motivated panelists with different topics such as: Women 101, Women and Health, Education and Professional Development, Entrepreneurship and Managing Your Money etc.

We had a wonderful healthy lunch and in the afternoon, a special Keynote with celebrity Ms Terrie M.  Williams, PR for celebrities like Mary J. Blige, Puff Daddy, Eddie Murphy, to name very few… She spoke about  her story in the entertainment industry, her book “Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting”, which tells her story with depression that she had to face  while working in the entertainment industry and it is to let us know that the “Blacks” also can suffer from depression.

At the End there was Networking and different exhibitions  in the Ballroom.

Me and Ms. Michele Ashley -President, Oasis Life Resources

My suggestion for next year: WEST will need a bigger place AND why not the whole weekend??

I had a wonderful and uplifting time. Did I mention that it was FREE to register?

More infos about WEST (Women Empowerment Strength and Tenacity). If you want to join,  donate, become a sponsor or a volunteer check the website under:



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