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Dear Haiti,

Haiti, we have not met yet, but I felt all of your different types of pain. This earthquake is no different. It is making me sad. Sad because I am here in America and I feel powerless.

But what I know I can do is, giving my help as much as possible and pray as much as possible, for a better change. Alone I can’t do much. You have been sick for way too long Haiti, ignored by all of those who you been helping out all since the beginning of your independence. The first Black Nation to go independent, very strong, sending troops to other nations to gain the same thing, but after, was ripped from all of your beauty, left alone, so much injustice but you kept quiet. But you are ill, Haiti, very sick. Maybe that earthquake was a sign. Maybe it is time that the world see our pain and decide to do something about it.


Hopefully we find a permanent cure, forgive, but not forget, and can start over. Haiti Chéri

“L’Union Fait La Force” (“Together We Stand”)

Miss Jhane

In memory of all of theses people who are in Haiti right now.

Haitian flag


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