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Dear Haiti,

Haiti, we have not met yet, but I felt all of your different types of pain. This earthquake is no different. It is making me sad. Sad because I am here in America and I feel powerless.

But what I know I can do is, giving my help as much as possible and pray as much as possible, for a better change. Alone I can’t do much. You have been sick for way too long Haiti, ignored by all of those who you been helping out all since the beginning of your independence. The first Black Nation to go independent, very strong, sending troops to other nations to gain the same thing, but after, was ripped from all of your beauty, left alone, so much injustice but you kept quiet. But you are ill, Haiti, very sick. Maybe that earthquake was a sign. Maybe it is time that the world see our pain and decide to do something about it.


Hopefully we find a permanent cure, forgive, but not forget, and can start over. Haiti Chéri

“L’Union Fait La Force” (“Together We Stand”)

Miss Jhane

In memory of all of theses people who are in Haiti right now.

Haitian flag

By missjhane

My name is Jeanica T aka Miss Jhane. I am a singer-songwriter-entrepreneur. I was born in Montreal, Canada and for the past few years, I have been living in New York City.

I always had a passion for meeting people and writing about different stories and songs. My goals are about making people feel what I see and what I'm going through, the injustice of this world is affecting me a lot.

I started writing for my high school newspaper, then for a Vibe Plus (Unistar) Magazine later for Belle Creole Magazine in Montreal. I also do Freelance PR.

So I hope that you enjoy my world and what I am reporting from it.

Life is a Blessing!

3 replies on “Dear Haiti,”

Miss Jhane ~

Thank you for being so candid and real about Haiti’s disaster.

I read your comment on Wyclef Jean’s blog post and decided to read your response to Haiti’s quakes.

I, too, feel “powerless” to help those lost in the devastating wake of the earthquakes, but I am nonetheless compelled to at the very least try.

This is not because I am Haitian but because I am human.

We currently live in a social/historical/cultural moment that leaves us more vulnerable than ever to the news of the quakes’ destruction and the suffering and helplessness of the people of Haiti.

I am sure you are not the only one who feels “powerless.” I feel powerless too.

But, keep in mind that neither you nor I are HOPEless.

To answer the calls of Haiti’s earthquake victims–in ANY way we are able–means to promise them, above all, the gift of hope.

~ E from the End of the Block blog

Miss Jhane,
I have been deeply touched by the terrible tragedy taking place in Haiti. This is due, not only to a humanitarian concern in general, but also because of strong historical ties connecting my nation, Greece, with Haitian people.

Haiti was the first state to recognise Greece’s independence as early as in 1822 when the struggle against Ottoman rule had just begun. The Haitian people expressed their solidarity to another people’s fight for freedom not only at a diplomatic level, but also in practice, seeking ways to fund our revolution -despite their poverty- and even trying to send troops to us, thousands of miles away, to support us.

My little, insignificant personal efforts to contribute aid are like a droplet compared to the ocean of problems faced right now, but I ‘m sure that billions such “droplets” from anonymous persons all over the world will unite to form an immense river of solidarity flowing into poor Haiti.

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