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Myomectomy Journal: 6 weeks Post-Surgery

Ok.. hummm this week is not so bad. I just had my periods 2 days ago and as I have been told, the first day was horrible. I couldn’t eat much and I was a little bloated. Also cramps was there for most part of the day. Whatever I had eating, wasn’t staying in my body. I was told it was normal that the first few periods might be worse than usual, probably because the system is reconstructing itself still. Tylenol, tea and my bed was my best friends that day.

But besides that, so far, I am much better, I started going up and down the stairs. I do deep breathing (I got lazy a bit with the respiratory machine),  I can do little cleaning (no big lifting yet), I did 3 long walk outside last week. I still haven’t had my follow-up appointment, which will be in about another month. I am hopeful though. My stomach look much better than before the surgery.

Here are some pics of my stomach before and after the surgery so far:

before myomectomy surgery November 2009
post-surgery january 2010

Here is a picture of my stomach last may when I first found out I had fibroid  and one after the surgery taken last night:

belly post-myomectomy surgery january 2010
belly before myomectomy may 2009

As you can clearly see, back to flat (well almost). I still have to wait on doctor’s order before starting doing crunches and run, but at least, there is hope. I am still not doing much, even practice singing is not fully back yet, but I am more positive and I had time to make some little planning with music career and was watching a lot of youtube videos, especially about hair, I might think of talking about that as well in some of my later blogs…

But back to the post-surgery. What I still haven’t done is drink hard liquor (only wine for New Years) and no spicy food. I cook (yes I cook more and more now!! I forgot how fun it was…) lots of veggies, pasta, chicken and fish, but no much red meat. Lots of fruits as well and water, no soda, I’m thinking even to cut all soda from my healthy eating habits.

I was thankful to have receive emails from people who went through or is going through the same thing as me, and that is what’s helping me to go further with the blogs. Thank you all

By the way HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully this New decade will bring peace and happiness to those who truly search for it. Always remain focus on your goals, whatever it is and whomever try to take that away from you, don’t let them, you have your own instincts and flavor, keep God first or the positive spirit you pray for, and solely stick to the people who believe in you  (I’ll include myself in listening to my own… but that is the only way you can succeed in your life.

Stay bless and Happy New Year!!

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Miss Jhane


By missjhane

My name is Jeanica T aka Miss Jhane. I am a singer-songwriter-entrepreneur. I was born in Montreal, Canada and for the past few years, I have been living in New York City.

I always had a passion for meeting people and writing about different stories and songs. My goals are about making people feel what I see and what I'm going through, the injustice of this world is affecting me a lot.

I started writing for my high school newspaper, then for a Vibe Plus (Unistar) Magazine later for Belle Creole Magazine in Montreal. I also do Freelance PR.

So I hope that you enjoy my world and what I am reporting from it.

Life is a Blessing!

82 replies on “Myomectomy Journal: 6 weeks Post-Surgery”

Hey Jeanica,

I hope you’re good! I did not know you had all these things going for you. I’m just happy everything is looking good. So I wish you a lot of health for 2010 cause that is trully the only thing that counts. Without it, you have nothing.

Bonne année bella!

Hi Jeanica,

Even with FB and all these technology we have we can miss something like this, I am glad to see that you are well and are keep getting better. I will say a little pray just for you, that you keep well and that this year will be more successful for you.

Take care

Happy New Year! I stumbled across your blog because I just had a myomectomy and was looking for articles post-myo and yours appeared. I too am going to start blogging my experience soon as I can stay on the computer long enough. It’s nice to see others out there sharing their experience and healing.

Anyway, well wishes and a speedy recovery. I’ll have to start following your blog. Feel better!


I’m sure you will. Depending of what the doctor tells you, you can start after 3 to 6 months.. My doctor told me if I wait a year, I might not need a C-section. Hope you do feel better. I will post another blog by the next week

Hi my name is Brandy I had a surgery sept 14 2012 but my question is were u feeling any cramps 2 months after surgery

I didn’t experience any cramps after my surgery when I remember… now I do from time to time as I have 3 fibroids who came back

thank you for reading

OMG! I’m so sorry I didn’t reply before your surgery..

Hope that your surgery went well. I was away for a few. I was about to say DO NOT BE AFRAID…

How are you now? It is normal that you are still not on your feet completely and can run everywhere but it will come. be patient and enjoy every moment you will have on bed rest!!

I had my surgery and I am in good health. I would like to know if you still have a pouch Jane I have one and I hate it. I picked up a little weight from staying home for six weeks.

yeah I do still have that little pouch.. sometimes if I do still wear the special post-surgery underwear that goes up to the belly to hold my stomach, especially when I sit for hours. The more you walk though, the better it is. I sleep on my back more and more.

It might take a full year to be completely flat and hard, and it is normal, my belly was big a full year last year with 13 fibroids growing through different part of my tummy..

lots of water, fruits, fiber, veggies and I take Iron supplements.

I will post a new blog by next week. how are you now?

I had a myomectomy on June 3rd. I in my 6th week of recovery and doing well. However, if I sit for a long time or if walk too much sometimes, my muffing top swells a little. Other than that, I am doing well. Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks so much!

I couldn’t walk properly til after the 6 weeks.. muffin top or as they call.. kangoroo tummy will stay for a while.. I’m after 6 months and still there.. you really REALLY have to watch what you eat and not force exercises as of yet.. After 6 weeks, I still couldn’t sit for a long time.. it is a long process, it is like the babies when they are born, you don’t put them to sleep on their stomach but on their back because the abdominal area is fragile and need to reconstruct itself.. let’s just say after a surgery like ours, we have to sleep on our back, that’s is the best way, no pressure on the abdominal area.. I still do and I am use to it by now.. consult your doctor to make sure, because I know you are suppose to go see your doctor for follow ups. He will be able to determine if you are okay to stay sit on a long period and mostly if the scar is completely cured

I’m on my fifth week post op, i now have a muffin or to better describe it, a skin fold. I now have blisters under the skin fold and i’m worried if it will dry out…my incision is not exposed to air due to the fold. do you guys have any idea how to deal with this. thanks.

Hey Ann, I am no doctor but you can ask your surgeon or doctor to take another look at your tummy, just in case. Laying down on your back is your best bet I think but I am not sure how is your ‘kangoroo belly’. I do still have one but it is not as bad as last year. Also eating mostly soups and veggies refrain me to have leaky gut. Hope it helps, but again check with a doctor or a nurse to make sure the inscision won’t be infected if there is no oxygen passing to keep it dry

Hello I just had my surgery in Feburary 2011, I have alot more energy now. Staying at home is a bit boring. I understand what you mean about not laying on your stomach. Thanks your site made me feel much better.

I will do a follow up on that. I had my 2 year doctor appointment and the surprise I had from that visit. The belly is suppose to return as it was before the fibroids. They don’t remove extra belly if you already had one before. Mine returned but for not eating right and not exercise enough. I will post a new post about my 2 year before the end of this month.

Hope it helps a bit!

I have a 6cm fibroid on my uterus my doc wants to take my uterus instead of just my fibroid she said I’m not having anymore kids so they won’t even try to save it. I don’t think that is fair! Do you have kids ? Did u get this option?

I remember one doctor I went to see gave me the diagnostic without even checking me properly (no body scan, no blood tests, no echography…NOTHING)… if you go back to my first story I talk about that. You should go with your instinct and do research and find another doctor that is willing to try to save your uterus… especially if you want to keep the option of having babies… that’s what started my blog page.

Let me know what happens

Im so happy I found your sight. It’s a relief to see that I’m not the only person who’s gained so much weight. I realized I have fibroids young maybe I was 24 at the time. I started noticed changed in my body at 27 I gained weight. I was 150-160. Then 170, 180, 190, 200, now 220 and not proud. Im super depressed because of the weight gain. Here’s the problem I use to run and weight train then when weight started pulling up I became self conscious and have up. My stomach looked like I was pregnant anyway, my point is the fibroids are now 17 inches I’m praying my life will be back to normal like it was a couple years ago. I want drop the pounds w/o the fbriods holding me back. Thank you for your story Im getting myomectomy done in fours days and I’m couldn’t be happier.

So happy you got your myomectomy. Hope everything went well. I would love to hear more from you. My next appointment is next week for the follow up on my 3 fibroids that came back. Hope I’m okay.

Again, please let me know what happened!!

Hi Missjhane! Just found ur blog as I was also searchin for info on post myo. I’m due for surgery in 2 weeks and I am so scared. I’ve only found out about them a couple months ago while I was pregnant! Had a m/c a couple months ago which were caused by one of the fibroids. I’m a trusting person and I trust God that everything will be OK! Your blog is very helpful and I will keep u posted as to my progress. Glas to kno that u are doin well!

I`m glad that you find my story helpful, I am myself is still in awe with everything that happened to me. I have 3 fibroids that came back but they are very small so far so I am not going to worry about that. Thank to God, I am doing well. I`m not sure what is a m/c but I read your confidence and I`m sure that you will be fine. Good luck and we`ll keep in touch!! 🙂

Miss Jhane

Wow tanx for shareing this. So glad u did. Just had mine few months back buh i must say i dnt find it easy to convince myself for d procedure buh i eventually did. My stomach was dat big too looking lyk 4 – 5 months pregnancy buh now its down. Though i wish it still goes real down. All d same am greatful to God. Dnt knw i should avoid meat! Well i dnt take it often buh now am really gonna stop and also increase my fruit / vegetable intake. Tanx to all i lyk to encourage so many to go for d needful n encourage doctors too Great jobs u guys r doing n advance too. And if u dnt knw it dont just go there so we can save lifes. Tanx *wink*

your story is helpful do you have any children .how was the the pain like becos lm also gping to have myo next month.

Hey missjhane & everyone. Just happened to run into this today! I also had a myo & Im 3 weeks post op. my experience wasnt as bad as I thought it would be, but I still cant believe it, as scared as I was. My stomach has some swelling & I have some pain still, but doc says everything looks good thus far. This has been quit an experience & truly is a journey. Its nice to see that there are sistas to talk to & share this journey with. I wish I knew about having to take stool s. coz that in itself was an experience. Until next time….much luv! ~ Fox

Found your blog most interesting as I had a my myomectomy 6 weeks ago. Like you I had a total of 13 tumors. Mine were clustered together on the outside of my uterus. I am grater that surgery was successful and my recovery is going smoothly.
I’ve saw the mention of removing red meat from the diet. This isn’t the first time I’ve read that. In addition to learning to reduce stress in our daily living. Thanks for sharing your experience! This helps us all heal

thanks for reading. More and More I see people coming out. Fibroids is a benign cancer but if not treated God knows what could happen… Thanks for reading!! And so happy that you’re surgery went smoothly.

Hello, I thank you for your blog. I am scheduled for my myo on 12/12/12 and I am more worried about loosing my belly after surgery than anything. I always work out but after I was made aware of my fibroid issue I can’t seem to get it down. I can’t believe how these fibroids bloat your belly like this. Anyhow my hubby n I 1 yr anniversary is on 12/31/12 and we have a cruise to go on 1/19/13. I just hope that it goes down for the cruise and I can fit my clothes. How long did it take for your stomache to go down? Do you think walking laps around a pool after my stitches are healed will be a good way of exercisizing?


Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you had a great cruise… but I am surprised you were able to travel.. after my surgery, I had to stay inside for a month… I couldn’t exercice anything for almost a year, besides walking… where you able to go to your cruise. Don’t force too much your belly as it is your core and if not treated properly, you can experience swelling in the belly as if your belly is getting bigger… try Yoga or Pilates when the doctor will say it is okay… take long walks it helps, and drinks lots of water… my belly still hasn’t been as flat as it use to be as I have 3 fibroids who came back. I still do follow up with my doctor so far they didn’t grow

Hope it helps and I hope you enjoyed your trip

thanks for reading & commenting

Hello my name is Brandy I had a surgery sept 2012 and my question is were u having any cramps 3 months after …..just wanted to see if any one else experiance this aswell or maybe I need to go back to my dr.

Hi, I just came across this page. I was looking for before and after pics of ppl w/ fibroids and who had the surgery done. And I came across your page. Thank you so much for your story and especially the before and after pics. I definitely see the difference and am encouraged to go ahead with the surgery.
I have 3 fibroids an a large uterus. I don’t have kids but do so in the future. I must admit that I’m afraid of the surgery itself. I never had and surgeries done and it really scares me to be in that vulnerable position. Anyways. I have been doing lots of research looking for stories and testimonies of other women like me. There isn’t much out there, but I have found some. But I’m very happy and grateful to you for writting about yours. God Bless and thank you. 🙂

That is the reason why I started my blog and wrote my journey. There wasn’t a lot of information at all… on the internet!! I was in shock because so many women are going through the same thing and nobody really spoke about that topic. I hope that this helps. Don’t be afraid, the more you are afraid, the more you stress yourself,the more it might worsen your condition. Take it one day at a time.

Hi! I just wanted to point out a few things. First, fibroids aren’t benign cancers. Cancers, by definition, are not benign. Fibroids are benign tumors. That is an important distinction. Also, it is very important to wear an abdominal binder after surgery to speed your healing. It will allow your abdominal area to be supported, help your body absorb and expel excess fluid and help prevent your midsection from swelling. It functions like a tourniquet. Good luck to you and your readers!

Thank you for sharing.. yes wearing the abdominal binder really helps. I will do a quick blog on it… I wish I had that information before when I did the surgery.

Also thank you for the correct term. I am no expert in the medical field 😛
but it helps to found out the correct information. I am still learning about this taboo phenomenon

Thank you for reading!!

Happy New Year Missjhane,
I too am having a myomectomy in a couple wks. I appreciate the before & after photos and basically what to expect. I live alone and don’t have many people to rely on. What do you suggest I stock up on in order to prepare?


Hopefully your surgery went well. If you live alone I would suggest drinking a lot of vegetable soup. I stay away from fried food. I don’t recall eating a lot of meat during my recovery, but if you do, try to steam the vegetable, the meat of oven cook. Hopefully your oven is now too low so you won’t have to bend over. I also drank a LOT of water during that time. Eat a lot of fruits & nuts it helps.

Hope it helps
Thank you for reading

My surgery was on the 5th of this month.. I Came home on the 8th. 15 Days in. Still have pain no bleeding at all people. Pain is on my right side more than the other. Have not walk down the stair as of yet, the bed is my friend I walk and sit up in my bedroom, gas lives In me. For the first time in 14 years I have use the bathroom number 2 every day since I came home. Eating light drinking water.. So I wish you the best of health. Workout keep your body right. My ladies.

My surgery was on the 5th of this month.. I Came home on the 8th. 15 Days in. Still have pain no bleeding at all people. Pain is on my right side more than the other. Have not walk down the stair as of yet, the bed is my friend I walk and sit up in my bedroom, gas lives In me. For the first time in 14 years I have use the bathroom number 2 every day since I came home. Eating light drinking water.. So I wish you the best of health. Keep healthy and eat right work out. Wish you the best..

Hi. I have been obsessively searching for info on this so called muffin top post myomectomy and came across your wonderful blog. Thank you for sharing as it is helping me come to terms with my “hanging stomach”. I am 3 1/2 weeks post surgery and having panic attacks and bouts of sadness over the image of my stomach sideways. I’m freaking out because I don’t know if I’ll be able to let my boyfriend ever touch my tummy again of if I’ll fully regain feeling at my bikini cut. I think therapy should be a part of the recovery period for patients like me-lol. Thanks to your blog about healthy eating and exercise I know there is hope yet for a flat belly (which by the way I had always struggled with).

I agree with you, there should be therapy for people like us. I had lost some weight then gain some. it is no always easy, my stomach is STILL not super flat, I wish someone would have told me that I could wear a abdominal support after the surgery so it would help put things in place. I am relearning to “stuck in” my stomach as I let it loose since the surgery (knowing I could not force nor I didn’t want to disturb my insides). Thank you for reading, eating healthy and exercices do help a lot

Hi , just had my myoctomy, done about 8 days now, I have nihgtmares everytime I get some sleep, but walk like an old lady, all I’ thinking about is my stomach going to get flatter, help

And where can I get one of those obdominal binders,

the abdominal binder can be found at any pharmacies, or Walmart, Target.

I wasn’t obsessing too much about having a flat stomach… the more I did, the more I felt my stomach getting bigger. The most important thing is that you had a successful surgery and now you have to think about recovering completely before doing any exercises. 3 more came back and my stomach is still not as flat as I want it to, but it is better, take this time to change your diet, it will help a lot in the long run. Feel better!!

I had my myomectomy on Friday July 19th. Best decision I ever made! I am now healing and the healing process is going amazing. I am walking just at a slower pace, my fatigue level is starting to subside as well.

I had my post op appointment today and my doctor was very shocked at how mobile I was. I stopped taking the hard core pain killers 4 days after surgery just because I can tolerate pain. Not to say that I don’t get sudden pain at times when I make certain movements. I had a vertical incision because my fibroids were so large (they removed a total of 6)!! One of course being the size of a cantaloupe and some smaller ones.

One thing that I changed before my surgery was my diet, I cut out meat completely and was on a fruit and veggie diet. I feel like that cleansing helped me a lot. I know that I have a long road ahead of me, but I must say that I this recovery thing is not nearly as bad as I thought!

Thanks for the wonderful blog that you have here

Thank you so much for the compliment. Also Congratulations on your recovery. You had a positive attitude and that’s what’s matters most. Thank you for reading & sharing your story, we all in this togheter

Tami, I have to have mine vertical also due to size. I’m curious as to what the scarring will be like….because I know there will be scarring, sadly!

Are you talking about menstrual cramps gaz or just natural gaz?? I don’t recall having extreme gaz problem, maybe in your food diet?? do you drink a lot of milk?? if so maybe you are lactose intolerant. I would see a doctor if it is major gaz problem you’re having.

OMG…so happy to find you ppl. I am 1.5 weeks post op…wooow. I’m going to try and keep it short…
was having problems getting pregnant, annoying painful periods. Im 38 my periods were feeling like teenage years again. An ultrasound revealed many fibroids 1 the size of a 4 mnth fetus. Decided on myomectomy so I can try have 1 more child, I have a 14yr old already. My mom suffered the same thing 20yrs back and had a hyterectomy BY THE SAME DOCTOR THAT DID MY MYOM. LOL. I ended up removing 25 fibroids…my doc said it was like the bucket of balls u get at the golf course. Had to have 2 blood transfusions on the table. Surgery on Thursday home by Sunday afternoon, back in hospital by Monday night….came home 1 day too early in my opinion. Still drunk off anestetics…giving myself like 5 diff drugs at home…introducing food to my system too early with a dash of anxiety from knowledge of blood clotting and all other complications related to this procedure landed me in the emergency room. That evening after the oxy naprox Tylenol I started to feel nausea and shortness of breath.. my mother called 911…by the time they got there I threw up and felt better but still went for the ride to get my vitals checked 😀 Recovery is hell the first 4 days…the tight feeling, breath to relax, DONT BE LIKE ME…DONT DO STAIRS EVEN IF U THINK YOU CAN…U R SLOWING YOUR PROGRESS. I improved so much in the last 2 days, I’ve decided to climb stairs once a day and that’s it and oh wow. Diet is a killer…I only feel good if I eat fruits and veggies steamed or raw…I had one slice of cheese one day ended up on the bathroom floor in a cold sweat trying to get that out. I keep craving tuna. I dumped all the drugs once I came out of emerg now only advil liquid gels. At first I took two then 1 every 4 hours now I’m down to 2 per day.


thank you for sharing first of all… you know lately I have been really bad with my diet, but I won’t call it a diet, it is a lifestyle change… whenever I eat some fry food, the period is worse, so I am trying my best to take care of me… when I had my surgery, my mother would not let me use the stairs for the first month.. if it was for her, I would still be under-surveillance, even after almost 4 years..LOL…

the only thing I need now is the good mate to have kids. You have been through A LOT!!! 25 is really not good. I hope that you will take good care of you and please, take your time with the recovery. Even though your mental is better, take your time for your body to recover from the 25 fibroids that is out of your system.

take care and give us some news!!

The iron pills reak havok on my digestion…I think I’m going to stop taking that too. I’m supposed to take them for 3mnths straight twice a day and I already know that is not going to happen, my body is saying no so I must find an alternative….fast. my tummy area still swollen…It feel sensitive and numb by my belly botton and incision by my abdomen. My surgen told me I had and will have extensive scar tissue there due to my csection with my son. My blowfish stomach went down instantly…still have a swollen muffintop…pilates will fix that real good as soon as I get better. I love nightime because when I sleep it feels as though healing miracles happen inside of me slowly but surely. Thanks for all your stories ladies…I send u all positive vibes and full recovery. Jhane if you knew how reassuring it was to read you couldn’t excercise until almost a year after, let me know im on the roght track. I could just hug you my deary.

Awww thank you for your testimony as well.

I am keeping positive day by day. I have 3 more fibroids, so far I’m okay, The more I am positive in my journey, the better.

I have to try Pilates. I am just starting Mua Thai Kickboxing for the moment, we will see what will happen!!

Thanks for reading my story 🙂

I’m so glad you Posted all this information. I’ve been trying to get mine removed for the past year,but my iron levels just wont go up much higher. Your experiences and tips are helping me better than anyone whom I have talked to so far. I look forward to your good health, and Thanks!

oh wow. Thank you.

I started it off as a journal because I could not find any informations then. How surreal to found out thousands of women are going through the same thing as me. Thank you. I hope your health is good also. Stress make things worse, so no stress, one day at a time.

I’m having my surgery on March 7. I came back to your site, to help with my worries and nervousness. Mine are too big to do a bikini cut so they will be cutting me from the bottom of the sternum to below the belly button. I’m scared, but looking at your recovery always makes me feel better.

It will be okay!! Trust your Doctor that you will be fine after this. What really helped me before the surgery was to remain calm. I was nervous, but when I got to the operation room, I told myself I can’t back up now. Keep a positive surrounding and you will be okay!!! Good luck, I will pray for you!!

Hi, I found this blog when I was searching for information on options for removing fibroids. Just want you to know how much this blog helps. Though I knew that there were more women going through the same thing I am, I just never heard there stories. To know that so many other women have gone through what I am currently going through helps quite the many questions that come up from simply not knowing what to expect. Thank you to everyone that have shared there experiences your journeys have not been in vain. I will certainly share more on my experience with my fibroids once I have my surgery (which I have been trying to have for over a year). Hoping for good health and happiness to us all.
Thank you!

Thank you for reading and I am happy it helped you. That was the first reason why I spoke out about it. Don’t give up on finding a good obgyn. More and more people talk about it now, I even found on Dr. Oz someone speaking about the fibroid topic and the alternatives. I have to see my obgyn but hopefully my new fibroids are gone. Will send you positive vybes!!!

Tank God for all d success story the journey is neva so easy bt by d grace of God we shall overcome. just did mine 3wks ago and am feeling really great. The only challenge I was having is not pain bt feeling numb & having a serious kind of heaviness was so bad dat I hv to return to my Dr. bt with drug he gave me am feeling beta n ok and my scan result shows all is well n my tommy is really in gud shape. I wish u all a quick recovery n ur hrt desires before n after this surgery.

less I forget pls ladies pls how long will it take for AF to return after surgery as am still expecting mine after like 32days from d last one and am a 28days person.

13days post laparascopic and myomectomy
and I still feel heavy from my chest stomach down to my abdomen expecialy when I finished eating. Is this normal? Have any of experience it? How long does it take to go away

Hi Amanda,

I had a myomectomy surgery. I was under painkiller for about a month. Hopefully you still take yours as well. I didn’t felt any pain like that. Perhaps you need to ask the doctor to raise the amount of painkillers. Hope it helps. Let me know how it went

Thanks for taking the time to create this blog and respond to the post. I had my second myomectomy on July 28th of this year. I am back a work. Sitting for long periods of time is a bit taxing but I’m confident it will get better. I pray each of you have a great recovery and continue to share your experiences. Speak positive things to your new belly. Let go of any negative emotions. Every day will be a new experience. You will have the the body you desire until then LOVE every bit of you. Take Care.

Hey Jeanica I have to have surgery I am so scared my stomach looks similar to yours. Did you have your ovaries taken out because I don’t want mine taken out. How is the relationship with your partner is the romance the same. I’m just so scared of what the end is gonna be reading others stories have encouraged me, but seeing the similarity makes me feel better. I’m glad you are doing well and I hope you continue to do well…….and thanks for your story.

Hi Sheronda, I pray you doing well. Do you know what type of surgery you are getting? I still have my ovaries. The romance is netter now, and no pain. Right now I have to see my obgyn for fibroids scan, to see if the other one grew. Hopefully I won’t need another surgery

My operation will be on May 9,2018 and I’m scared. Please advice.Thank you.
I lift it all to God. I’m praying that the doctor can save my uterus.

OMG I feel so bad not to have been able to answer in a time matter. I had a 2nd surgery myself and is now much better to continue my journey to health. How was your journey? I pray everything went well and that you are feeling much better. Blessings

I had my myomectomy in July 18,2019 but am feeling lower abdominal pain Nd lower back pain,what can I use.nd what cream can I put in d scar

Well I just had mine last week haven’t met the doc for check up yet I can walk, but I have this cough that brings a little pain on my wound and it’s so disturbing

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