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Tea to Shrink the Fibroids

I was talking with my one of my cousin the other day and she also had fibroids, and like most of us, she is doing the best to keep things as natural as possible for the Fibroids to stay shrunk or to avoid for them to come back.

I was telling her about me taking green tea and she recommended that I take Dandelion Root, after she got the recommendations from her doctor. And she explains that it help to urinate more & less menstrual pain. I was sold to that. I went to the Herb Shoppe downtown Brooklyn, the woman over there was so nice. She not only recommend to take the Dandelion Root, instead of just the Dandelion Herbs, she also print out a list of food to eat and what to avoid when you have Fibroids.

The same night, I follow the recipe. It taste good I was surprised, the first week I did pee a lot. I was feeling lighter as well. Maybe it is also good to loose weight, if I can have both in one that would be perfect (I later found out it has laxative effect).

I will continue drinking this tea 3 times a week until I see my doctor next month. I believe you can drink it every day but that’s how I choose to drink it at the moment. Hopefully, by my next appointment they would have shrunk to a invisible size.

So far I do notice that I have lost weight. My stomach has lost some fat a little but it is still not flat like I want it yet. Hopefully soon. I stay positive.

I have made a video tutorial on how to make the Dandelion Root Tea on my Youtube channel. I am thankful for everyday, my Journey has changed a lot since 2009 when I first had my fibroids, but I am greateful for everything.

I hope this helps & I hope it works.




Thank you for reading me!


Miss Jhane


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What Are Your Goals?

This Year hasn’t started the way I wanted it to start, but it is okay because I am on a different path. Not everyone will have a great beginning of the year. The problems that were there before will still be there if they are not resolved.

This Season, I’m making a new Vision Board and made a list of things that I would like to accomplish. I am that type of person. Being healthy is my main goal. After my surgery, I had ups and down with the fibroids, I recently even had some thyroids symptoms (stress is a killer, I’m telling you), but I am working towards being healthy, I am changing my environment, just clearing up my phonebook is helping a lot. There are certain people who are very toxic and it’s really unhealthy for you. You can pray for a change, but as long as they remain in your life, you won’t be able to move forward. And we all deserve the best. I was watching Joel Osteen and other spiritual leaders, and learned that removing negative or toxic people doesn’t make us bad people. You want to help people, but a lot of them don’t want to be help, because they don’t want to change. I have learned that it is okay, and to just move on.

I made a video response based on a Youtube fellow who asked a very important question. Watch it below and let me know what are your goals? It might be something simple as visiting a new city, or moving. But once it is done, you can give yourselves hi-fives because you have achieved it!!

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FIBROIDS, LIFE AFTER 3 YEARS!! How do you deal with?


It has been a very long time since I have posted anything, I was away as I was reorganising my whole life, if I can say it like that.

For my fibroids, I have another appointment this June to find out if my fibroids grew.

Lately I had more health issues, my thyroids glands have been abnormal (white blood vessels test results lower than normal). I have not been able to loose weight for more than a year. So far, I have not been prescribed any medications, but I still have to do more tests before they are sure that the problem is really hypothyroidism.

For my fibroids, I am on and off with chicken and Turkey,  but I do eat MUCH less of those than before. I have started taking my hemp oil again morning and nights and it does help, especially when I have my periods which is back to almost as heavy as they were before, but not for the same lengh  (5-6 days, compared to 7 to 10 days before).

I read and receive a lot of emails from you all, and I am so thankful because I know I am not the only one going through it… Especially I have  3 fibroids that came back and I am staying as positive as possible.

A reader wrote a comment on my Hemp Oil to cure fibroids (Isis) and she wrote that if it comes back, sometimes you have to change your environment, and I was thinking a lot about that and it made sense. I am making a lot of “LIFE CLEAN UP”, I am taking more and more into consideration who I am letting in my life, what I eat etc, because a lot of sickness we have is due to stress that we endure for too long sometimes, and I want to have a better and healthier life with myself.

So my question to those who already had a surgery, could be Myommectomy, Hysterectomy, Laparoscopy etc… How did you cope with the POST-surgery?

Let’s discuss in the comments below, the more we share, the better.

Stay positive!


Miss Jhane

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Miss Jhane Keeping the Smile

Miss Jhane Keeping the Smile

One year Post-Uterine Fibroids Sugery

I believe Everything happens for a reason and I believe in embracing the journey all the way until you reach your happy ending.

I still remember this day (November 30th) a year ago. When I woke up at 5 in the morning, the trip to the hospital with my mom and my brother, me not being afraid until I laid on the operating table and saw all of the tools that were being disinfected.

I remember the surgeon put me to sleep then I woke up feeling like I was in heaven. My hospital room where I almost stayed for a week, the bed rest, etc.. The doctor telling me the recovery will be a process…

A process which I still go through today. It was a lot, physically, mentally, emotionally etc…

Physically, it took longer because the abdominal area is the core of the body, very fragile. To remind everyone, I had 13 uterine fibroids & 2 cysts in each ovaries and went through Myomectomy Surgery. I tried diets, but it only made things worse. I had to mentally accept my body the way it is for now and not worry about it. I still take my iron supplements, my periods are went down to 4-5 days (I am saving so much on pads now). 

Running helps a lot, not only on my body, but also mentally. I do crunches but not everyday, but I do a LOT of stretching because I feel the blood needs to run properly. I do miss dancing on stage (an ex-professional step-dancer)… A LOT!!!

In a few weeks I will have my doctor’s appointment post 1 year surgery. I do feel good. I still have anemia though.

Today I was watching The Fran Drescher Tawk Show and her topic was “Turn Pain Into Purpose”. She had Rosie O’ Donnell has Skype guest and they talked about how they were both diagnosed with Uterine Cancer, how they won the battle and what positive outcome that came out of it.

She ended the show with this quote: “Sometimes the Best gifts comes in the Ugliest packages” – Fran Drescher

One of the “ugly package” was being diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids, that slowed me down on the Entertainment Industry. But as I was researching the Internet last year, there was very few links, stories or anything about it. I made it a duty of mine to do blogs about it and that maybe it will reach at least one woman who’s going through thee same thing. Today I have over 7 000 people who visited my blog page, some had comments, sent me emails, etc and it became a purpose to continue informing everyone through my journey. It is far from over, stress is part of my everyday, but I am coping with it much better now as I now know that it is a “cancer” friend.

I am no doctor, nurse or anything in the medical field. I am a woman who has decided to share her story. I’m a singer-songwriter who still work for her success in her everyday life. I would like to thank you.

Share your story with me I would love to read your stories.

Thank you,

Miss Jhane


Abdominal Myomectomy Post-Surgery: 6 Months

May 30th has been 6 months since my abdominal myomectomy surgery. I received a lot of comments and emails thanking me about me  telling my story. I am very greateful for wordpress blog to be able to share it. Also because of the internet I was able to find a lot of options BEFORE my surgery..

I was looking into informations about my stage: 6 months post-surgery. Haven’t found many stories, articles or tips but I will tell you what happen with me in the past couple of month.

I think it is my hormones acting up though. I am loosing and gaining weight like a menopausal woman. I am not big but I am not the size 5-6 around the waist like I used to (not yet). I didn’t try to diet too much because I know I am not in that level yet. I do some exercices here and there but I guess if I was doing more, I will see more results. I stopped doing crunches for a while, it was hurting my bottom abdominal, where the scar is still visible. I lift little weights, but what I do mostly is taking very long walks and run. I use to HATE running, and I haven’t done it in a few weeks because I was moving to a new place, but it is a part of my recovery exercices that I have to do.

Other things that I’ve noticed, when I’m sitting down, I have to stretch arms in the air a lot. If not, the bottom part of my stomach starts to hurt like my stomach is too big for the scar, but that’s my fault I think. To my thinking, I ate some fried food, and even though I’m eating more healthy like vegetables, fruits, fibers, taking iron supplements,  one day of fry food, alcohol and no exercises equals, food retention in my belly.. (I guess it is normal, right??). My birthday is in 22 days, June 24th, I have my doctor appointment in  a few weeks, so I will do as much as 3 times a week of running, eating healthy, drink lots of water, no alcohol (okay, less alcohol) and see what happen. I will take picture before and the day of my birthday so you can all see.

My periods cycle is so regular now and much less pain that I used to have before. Mostly, I try not to stress.. I went through a lot last winter and I believe that a healthy body comes with no stress or without putting any stress to it. I pray that I will remain healthy and that fibroids won’t come back until it is time to remove the whole uterus.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like my new found post-surgery curves, I even got some friends who wants to go through the same thing just to get more butt or chest, but I am more comfortable with a little less , or I just have to get used to it (aaaahh the quest for the perfect body)…

Miss Jhane 6 months post op

What do you think??

Leave a comment.

Thank you for reading,


Miss Jhane

Myomectomy Journal: 6 weeks Post-Surgery

Ok.. hummm this week is not so bad. I just had my periods 2 days ago and as I have been told, the first day was horrible. I couldn’t eat much and I was a little bloated. Also cramps was there for most part of the day. Whatever I had eating, wasn’t staying in my body. I was told it was normal that the first few periods might be worse than usual, probably because the system is reconstructing itself still. Tylenol, tea and my bed was my best friends that day.

But besides that, so far, I am much better, I started going up and down the stairs. I do deep breathing (I got lazy a bit with the respiratory machine),  I can do little cleaning (no big lifting yet), I did 3 long walk outside last week. I still haven’t had my follow-up appointment, which will be in about another month. I am hopeful though. My stomach look much better than before the surgery.

Here are some pics of my stomach before and after the surgery so far:

before myomectomy surgery November 2009

post-surgery january 2010

Here is a picture of my stomach last may when I first found out I had fibroid  and one after the surgery taken last night:

belly post-myomectomy surgery january 2010

belly before myomectomy may 2009

As you can clearly see, back to flat (well almost). I still have to wait on doctor’s order before starting doing crunches and run, but at least, there is hope. I am still not doing much, even practice singing is not fully back yet, but I am more positive and I had time to make some little planning with music career and was watching a lot of youtube videos, especially about hair, I might think of talking about that as well in some of my later blogs…

But back to the post-surgery. What I still haven’t done is drink hard liquor (only wine for New Years) and no spicy food. I cook (yes I cook more and more now!! I forgot how fun it was…) lots of veggies, pasta, chicken and fish, but no much red meat. Lots of fruits as well and water, no soda, I’m thinking even to cut all soda from my healthy eating habits.

I was thankful to have receive emails from people who went through or is going through the same thing as me, and that is what’s helping me to go further with the blogs. Thank you all

By the way HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully this New decade will bring peace and happiness to those who truly search for it. Always remain focus on your goals, whatever it is and whomever try to take that away from you, don’t let them, you have your own instincts and flavor, keep God first or the positive spirit you pray for, and solely stick to the people who believe in you  (I’ll include myself in listening to my own tips..lol)… but that is the only way you can succeed in your life.

Stay bless and Happy New Year!!

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Miss Jhane

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