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FIBROIDS, LIFE AFTER 3 YEARS!! How do you deal with?


It has been a very long time since I have posted anything, I was away as I was reorganising my whole life, if I can say it like that.

For my fibroids, I have another appointment this June to find out if my fibroids grew.

Lately I had more health issues, my thyroids glands have been abnormal (white blood vessels test results lower than normal). I have not been able to loose weight for more than a year. So far, I have not been prescribed any medications, but I still have to do more tests before they are sure that the problem is really hypothyroidism.

For my fibroids, I am on and off with chicken and Turkey,  but I do eat MUCH less of those than before. I have started taking my hemp oil again morning and nights and it does help, especially when I have my periods which is back to almost as heavy as they were before, but not for the same lengh  (5-6 days, compared to 7 to 10 days before).

I read and receive a lot of emails from you all, and I am so thankful because I know I am not the only one going through it… Especially I have  3 fibroids that came back and I am staying as positive as possible.

A reader wrote a comment on my Hemp Oil to cure fibroids (Isis) and she wrote that if it comes back, sometimes you have to change your environment, and I was thinking a lot about that and it made sense. I am making a lot of “LIFE CLEAN UP”, I am taking more and more into consideration who I am letting in my life, what I eat etc, because a lot of sickness we have is due to stress that we endure for too long sometimes, and I want to have a better and healthier life with myself.

So my question to those who already had a surgery, could be Myommectomy, Hysterectomy, Laparoscopy etc… How did you cope with the POST-surgery?

Let’s discuss in the comments below, the more we share, the better.

Stay positive!


Miss Jhane

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Miss Jhane Keeping the Smile
Miss Jhane Keeping the Smile

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4 replies on “FIBROIDS, LIFE AFTER 3 YEARS!! How do you deal with?”

I just had my myomectomy surgery two weeks ago to remove 11 fibroids. The highlights of my day are walking and taking a shower! I am also very happy to be off of work. It is too soon to tell if the surgery will help with the pain I was experiencing but the swelling must go! I do not looking in the mirror at my weird looking belly now. I can not fathom putting on a pair of pants! I know I have to let my body heal so I am just taking it day by day. Sleeping is not to great (I was a stomach sleeper before the surgery). The discomfort comes as the day goes on so I usually have to take a Motrin RX at night. There is numbness and tingling around my belly but I read that’s normal. Thanks for sharing your story because the Drs. surely do not tell you much about recovering!

Hi. Thanks for sharing. I used to be a side and tummy sleeper before the surgery. Now I enjoy sleeping on my back. When you’re ready take a good look in the mirror. There is nothing to be ashamed or embarrass. I kind of embrace it. Even after some fibroids came back

When you have fibroids, you have to do a lifestyle change. One product or tea normally won’t produce significant results. What works for me is taking red raspberry and yarrow herbs during my period to lessen the bleeding, and it works like a charm. My periods are no longer than 2-3 days tops with very light bleeding. I’ve also been on a low-fat vegan diet for almost 2 years. Eating too much processed foods, dairy products, hormone infused meats/chickens, sodas/sugary drinks are disastrous for fibroids, I’ve learned. My diet consists of mostly green leafy vegetables (steamed or raw), large salads, fruits, nuts/seeds (in moderation), and small servings of beans, potatoes (white and sweet), and drinking water or green smoothies. It’s been a tough road but well worth it, because the results for me have been amazing. I also try to use natural products when possible. I sympathize with any woman that is plagued by fibroids, as they can be debilitating and the bleeding and periods can cause anemia and pain. I know this sounds strict, but unless there is change in lifestyle and diet, they body can’t heal. Blessings.

You are so right. Thank you for sharing your story. I have yet to have a full vegan dairy regiment, but I am getting there one day at a time. And it is true, changing the lifestyle itself will help tremendously!!! Thank you so much also. Blessings

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