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Hi everyone,

I am so happy that I had the surgery during the winter and not during the summer (especially THIS summer). As people complain about the heat (I really don’t see why??) I am complaining about my weight that is still fluctuate… I have started to run, but it was harder than usual, I am about size 8-9 (try to find that in the stores) and I used to be a size 5-6, so you can understand my frustration a little bit (thank God for the tights).

If you look at my birthday blog you will see my latest pictures, as I though I would have lost all of the weight…  I didn’t, still, I had a great time. I was running, doing crunches, watching what I ate, but still, nothing (okay in May I cheated, I ate a LOT of fried chicken.. I don’t eat lots of meal during the day, but I did  went hard on fried chicken… didn’t help my case..lol)…  In June, I was  running, long walks and crunches but still no changes from my belly sometimes I felt as if my belly was getting BIGGER instead of becoming toned… I started doing some research about why this happen after myomectomy surgery,  very hard to find some informations. So I did my little research to try to discover why this can happen to someone who had a baby or C-section.. what I found out really surprised me…

After seeing my doctor for follow up about 3 weeks ago, he suggested me to gradually go back to exercises and my body will get use to it; and that was after I told him about my pain after I sneezed that started again, or when I do crunches, I told him, it doesn’t hurt my stomach per say, but mostly my scar area, also I don’t know if it is because of the humidity, it itches, even though I moisturize this area. He said not to worry, my body has been through a lot of changes since I had the fibroids, to give it some times it will go back to normal.

While I was reading the AMNY newspaper (and some websites that I read about post-C-Section exercices) , the Health section was informing about new mommies and what to do after they given birth. And it was saying, while a lot of women THINK that doing lots of crunches and hard exercices is going to get that tummy flat again, women actually hurt themselves more and can result in SWELLING the tummy area, which will makes it bigger!!!! (now I get it) They suggested to do some stretching, light endurance’s exercices like Pilates.

Ok, now I have to find a place that does that. I found “sample” youtube video advertisement for Post-C-Section Pilates exercises. I tried Yoga, I still don’t know what is Pilates, to me, Pilates is a hyper version of Yoga, but I have been told it’s really not. This is harder for me, because I was a dancer and I am use to do fast movement. Yoga and Pilates are very slow movement, but apparently works pretty well to build area that we would not think we have. So I won’t do no crunches AT ALL!! only stretch exercices and long walk and we will see. Also I haven’t forget to keep eating my greens and fruits and plenty of water (ESPECIALLY NOW!!). And I will sleep on my back again (haven’t done that since the 6 weeks post-surgery).

I’m still not fully recovered, but I will take my time until I get on my reach goal.

One day at a time, still I embrace my new curves, I am really not trying to become size 0 like I had once been (I even was -1, my old friends said I looked scary and to never let myself go down that weight again)…

But I am enjoying and try not to get frustrated, everything is a process… no.. everything WORTH IT is a process. I know I CAN have kids, so now I have to follow the process of taking care of my body and health so I can deliver naturally (doctor said it will be possible if I wait a year to have kids). Like I know I have that talent on stage, so it is to me to work at it, one day at a time.

One day at a time,


Miss Jhane,

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Myomectomy Journal: 6 weeks Post-Surgery

Ok.. hummm this week is not so bad. I just had my periods 2 days ago and as I have been told, the first day was horrible. I couldn’t eat much and I was a little bloated. Also cramps was there for most part of the day. Whatever I had eating, wasn’t staying in my body. I was told it was normal that the first few periods might be worse than usual, probably because the system is reconstructing itself still. Tylenol, tea and my bed was my best friends that day.

But besides that, so far, I am much better, I started going up and down the stairs. I do deep breathing (I got lazy a bit with the respiratory machine),  I can do little cleaning (no big lifting yet), I did 3 long walk outside last week. I still haven’t had my follow-up appointment, which will be in about another month. I am hopeful though. My stomach look much better than before the surgery.

Here are some pics of my stomach before and after the surgery so far:

before myomectomy surgery November 2009

post-surgery january 2010

Here is a picture of my stomach last may when I first found out I had fibroid  and one after the surgery taken last night:

belly post-myomectomy surgery january 2010

belly before myomectomy may 2009

As you can clearly see, back to flat (well almost). I still have to wait on doctor’s order before starting doing crunches and run, but at least, there is hope. I am still not doing much, even practice singing is not fully back yet, but I am more positive and I had time to make some little planning with music career and was watching a lot of youtube videos, especially about hair, I might think of talking about that as well in some of my later blogs…

But back to the post-surgery. What I still haven’t done is drink hard liquor (only wine for New Years) and no spicy food. I cook (yes I cook more and more now!! I forgot how fun it was…) lots of veggies, pasta, chicken and fish, but no much red meat. Lots of fruits as well and water, no soda, I’m thinking even to cut all soda from my healthy eating habits.

I was thankful to have receive emails from people who went through or is going through the same thing as me, and that is what’s helping me to go further with the blogs. Thank you all

By the way HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hopefully this New decade will bring peace and happiness to those who truly search for it. Always remain focus on your goals, whatever it is and whomever try to take that away from you, don’t let them, you have your own instincts and flavor, keep God first or the positive spirit you pray for, and solely stick to the people who believe in you  (I’ll include myself in listening to my own tips..lol)… but that is the only way you can succeed in your life.

Stay bless and Happy New Year!!

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Miss Jhane

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