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Hope you all had a great summer. After my last appointment with my OBGYN, I decided NOT to let stress take over me and take it easy with my life…

Here under I talk more about me and what I am doing right nwo, I usually write all of my opinions, but I felt to talk on camera for one of the few times… Hope it will inspire some or put a smile on someone’s face!!! 🙂


Miss Jhane,




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   Before my myomectomy surgery In December 2009, I was able to shoot my first video in Montreal, Canada by Eyezeberg Vizion, a Young Director who is starting to make a Big name for himself. With his associate “Sleepy” we shot that video in one day. I remember being happy but cold. I was happy to have shot my first video in my hometown. No matter where I live in the world, I know and remember where I’m coming from. We shot a few scene around Mount-Royal and a another party around Montreal-North (where I was born).

Process always takes long but it came out at the right time. If it would have come out last year, it would not have been great for promotion or anything because I was still on post-surgery recovery. But now. I am ready to continue my journey to my success.

I’m so happy with everything: the song, the video, the team I worked with that day. Thank you soooo much

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Eric Roberson “Still” video

Last summer I participate in ERIC ROBERSON‘s video “Still”.  The first time I heard about him was about 2 years ago at a performance he had at LIU (Long-Island University). I fell in love with his music and how he present himself. He is a very down-to-earth artist. Has many followers, supporters, fans, and… he is INDEPENDENT because HE CHOOSE to be.

Through that show I learned that you do not have to be part of a MAJOR LABEL to make it. You can make it on your own with the right team that will support and will work with you.

Eric Roberson & Miss Jhane on the Set of "Still" Video Shoot

The video “STILL” was shot at S.O.B’s NYC. The day was uplifting and inspiring. A lot of friends, supporters came to be part of it. (You can see me vibe to the music on Eric’s left side at 0:50 seconds approximately).  That video touches a very serious topic & I was glad to have been there to support.


View his website


Buy his music through his shows or on downloads like ITUNES

Support GREAT independent music!!


Miss Jhane

Karma Lounge NYC…

Every tuesdays nights, one place become like a  gathering betweensindependent and unsigned artists. They come from everywhere, Bronx, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Connecticut, Canada, Paris etc… The event is called “INDUSTRY OPEN MIC TUESDAYS“, and it is hosted by Deshai Williams and Chaos.

Every tuesdays (most of the tuesdays), this is where I am. Karma Lounge located at 51 1st ave, between 3rd and 4th St, on the East Village.



Host of Industry Tuesday Deshai Williams and Miss Jhane

Deshai Williams is a wonderful songstress from London and she had the idea of doing this for all of the artists who needs a place to perform. This is a good place to network, perform, relax and make new contacts and new friends. People are very supportive and respectful of individual or group talent. All genre of music is accepted. There was even banjo players who came true, that was very interesting!!

french singer Khandé and Nahty Vixxen

Me promoting my first album ME...MISUNDERSTOOD

G-Kane singing "Soldier" with NYTE. He also films the performances.

NYTE spitting fiya on the mic

Songlist and Mirak

New artist from BAD BOY came thru to spit some rhymes

Still going hard at 2am after Karma Lounge event

A lot of performances are also recorded and you can check them out on the youtube channel:


Here is one of my performances filmed and directed by G-Kane from Nyte-Tyme Records. He’s doing a great job!!!

Industry Open Mic at Karma Lounge also has monthly contests. One was to win a video shoot of their track. Here is Young Rel, a past winner performance at Karma Lounge.

Whenever you have a new track and would like to have a feel of the crowd, here is where you’re suppose to be!! See you there, every tuesdays!!!


51  1st ave, between 3rd n 4th st

The citay, NY


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