Eric Roberson “Still” video

Last summer I participate in ERIC ROBERSON‘s video “Still”.  The first time I heard about him was about 2 years ago at a performance he had at LIU (Long-Island University). I fell in love with his music and how he present himself. He is a very down-to-earth artist. Has many followers, supporters, fans, and… he is INDEPENDENT because HE CHOOSE to be.

Through that show I learned that you do not have to be part of a MAJOR LABEL to make it. You can make it on your own with the right team that will support and will work with you.

Eric Roberson & Miss Jhane on the Set of "Still" Video Shoot

The video “STILL” was shot at S.O.B’s NYC. The day was uplifting and inspiring. A lot of friends, supporters came to be part of it. (You can see me vibe to the music on Eric’s left side at 0:50 seconds approximately).  That video touches a very serious topic & I was glad to have been there to support.


View his website


Buy his music through his shows or on downloads like ITUNES

Support GREAT independent music!!


Miss Jhane


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