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I was diagnosed with Fibroids (Part 3)

As a singer-songwriter, after being diagnosed, I though that I had to give up everything. I was asking around and some women told me that I wouldn’t be able to move for 3 months, that I will feel horrible because they might remove my uterus. There is not way to prevent it or no cure but to remove the whole uterus aka in medical world, an Hysterectomy. I was pretty much depressed for a week. But as an optimist and believer that everything will be fine, I Google Fibroids, and found a lot of interesting definition.Here is the best so far I found to explain WHAT is Fibroid. I copy paste from the website http://www.associatedcontent.comwhere they explains different types of Fibroids.

Fibroids are tumors that appear in the uterus. Fibroids affect many women and this condition is usually spawned from hormone imbalances. Estrogen is the key culprit for stimulating the growth of fibroids. There are different types of fibroids and are defined as follows.

  • Subserous Fibroids-grow on the outer wall of the uterus. This specific type of fibroid commonly grows during menstrual periods.
  • Submucosal Fibroids – they grow inside the uterine cavity. A woman’s body begins to cramp because the fibroid grows where a baby would be birthed and so the body tries to birth it.
  • Intramural Fibroid-grow inside the uterine wall and mimics the symptomsof subserous and submucosal fibroids.
  • Pedunculated Fibroids-These mimic the ovarian tumors.
It is still unsure of how u get fibroid. Doctors claims it comes from heredity and very common with black women (85% chances) after 30 years old. In a lot of cases now in the 20’s…
From most website that I’ve read, here is what is coming out:
. Heavy menstrual periods or menstrual flow or longer periods;
. Lower back pain;
. Irregular or unpredictable bleeding;
. Abdominal bloating (makes you look pregnant);
. Exhaustion;
. Very painful menstural cramps;
. Constipation;
. Pain during intercourse;
. In some cases infertility;
I have most of theses… Every morning, I have lower back pain and stomach pain as well.. I have to do a lot of stretching to be able to urinate. My cramps are getting worse and worse every month… After being told that I had to wait. I went to do more research about what can I do to make it easier on my back pain or not being sick WITHOUT taking medicines or waiting on my doctor’s appointment. Cause I can’t stay like this, I have shows, I have photo shoots, I have networking and mostly, I don’ t want to buy new clothes since I told myself that it is only temporary..
Here is a picture of my tummy in the morning.. you will see the left side is bigger, this is where is my (grapefruit) 10 cm fibroid. Nothing has been digitalised this is all me!!
Fibroid tummy

Fibroid tummy

I was browsing to found out how big it is inside just to show you, since I haven’t received my sonogram test from the hospital as of yet. I found a sonogram pic from http://www.mirs.org/fibroids.htm
grapefruit size (10 cm) fibroid

grapefruit size (10 cm) fibroid

So I know that I can’t stay like this.. I have found many websites that was talking about alternative medicine, how to cure naturally and that you can even ‘shrink’ the fibroid by eating healthy. Not that I was not eating healthy, but certain food they say ‘encourages’ the fibroid to grow, as it feeds itself from our blood vessels.
What I know so far to lower the fibroid :
. Eating food rich in fiber;
. Oatmeal porridge;
. Fruits and vegetables everyday, especially broccoli and spinach, prunes, pears and figs;
. Ginger;
. Herbal tea;
. Reduce or eliminate caffeine;
. Eating less animal fat and oily fried food;
. No saturated fats;
. No white bread;
. Soy products;
. Reduce or eliminate sugar and alcohol.
. Lots of liquid, water, soy milk;
. Low heavy exercises,  long walk, no weight lifting;
For Vitamins, I am taking so far:
. Calcium;
. Magnesium;
. Zinc;
. B-Complex (with Vitamin C);
It seems like a lot in the beginning but some of them are actually 3 in 1 vitamins. It has been two months since I started and I feel much better since. I have much less lower pain, stomach ache, my periods are less painful, and I am more healthy.. I still have some abdominal pain from my fibroid. It is hard also to cut everything all at once, so what I suggest is to do little by little.. I still get coffee once in a while, but when my periods comes, I try to cut everything all at once cause whatever you eat, your periods will make u feel what u eat: that’s a way to think. It really sucks that I can’t have some of my favorite fast food. I miss eating BBQ chicken (people know how I love my chicken), I cut the beef and other types of meat. I have chicken maybe once a week now. I miss eating what I want, but I am doing this for my health. At the end of the day, I still believe that I can have a child and I refuse to have an hysterectomy.

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