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FASHION: The New Rocawear

Rocawear established since 1999

This past tuesday I was invited to attend the ROCAWEAR STYLE SUITE at Open House, where they showcased the new Rocawear Collection. Jay-z is On Another Level. I absolutely loved the experience. the greeting party was very professional, I almost felt like I was in a Museum. DJ MelDebarge was taking care of the music. There was a lounge area where you could see some of the ads for “That’s Rocawear” Campain on flat screen. Here’s one featuring “Les Twins”  Larry & Laurent Bourgeois super-talented dancers twin brothers from France, who also dances for Beyonce.

Rocawear Invite

this Open House was showcasing Urban Men fashion. As you come in, you are greeted by a waiter who is serving you a drink, then after looking around the New Fashion line, one of the stylists in place is helping you choosing a T-Shirt, where you can try, they take your picture then video where you get to do a little shoot, and you get to keep it (yes gift from Rocawear). I really loved that whole idea concept, it was innovative, unique, personalised, you could even custom fit the outfit as well.

That's Rocawear
That's Rocawear
Rocawear Jacket

Jason Rembert was my stylist that day. I took time to get the 411 about  him. He is a Young Stylist who has a lot of baggages already. you can follow and view his website where you can see his work in magazines like Vibe, Uptown, Ebony, Vogue, etc.

Stylist Jason Rembert in Rocawear
Transformers and Rocawear Collaboration
That's Rocawear
Custom Fit Rocawear
All Black Everything: That's Rocawear Fitting room

more pictures featuring the Alexander McQueen Shoe Line…

Alexander McQueen Shoe Collection
Alexander McQueen Shoe Collection
That's Rocawear: Master of the Crafts

Video by The Source Mag: 

I can’t Wait to see the new Female Line coming out in 2012.


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