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Beyonce, did it again in Montreal: another successful show

As I just came back from Beyonce’s show: I AM… tour at BELL CENTER in Montreal, Canada, I am vividly motivated. I have been going through a lot this past year, but as I saw Beyonce on stage, she inspired me to continue music not only for myself, but also for those who can’t, those who think it is impossible, those who gave up, those who just want to have a good time, etc…

Even though there are ups and down and things going on in my personal life, I still have my head strong into my career in entertainment. That is what keeps me alive and sane, I create every day mostly songs, but all types of artistic creative project as well, even painting.

But going back to Beyonce, every shows that I have seen of her motivates me to push myself further as a singer-songwriter. There are still some negative people and vibe around me, but I have done a big cleaning, one day at a time. It is not always easy, but when I see Beyonce, I see what I can do for myself, not only as a fan, but as an artist first. With putting God first, hard work, having a solid positive surrounding, I can only achieve so much!!

Beyonce @ BELL CENTER Montreal
Beyonce @ BELL CENTER Montreal

That last picture is not very clear, but it is to show the ‘Halo’ that she was performing. That part of the show was very moving. It was as if she really understood her part of being a performer when she said that she will continue for as long as she can do give her fans music, like Michael Jackson did.

Beyonce with 'Halo' Michael Jackson
Beyonce with 'Halo' Michael Jackson
Why she is a very big inspiration to me? Because even though she had rough beginnings, not a lot of people believed in her success, besides her family and close friends, she kept on pushing and practicing and rehearsing until she got discovered. Even though sometimes it is hard, I will keep on going further and further with my career until I can’t no more…
During the show, we were all dancing and chanting all of her songs, she even went back to the Destiny’s Child days, she gave it all, with even her, flying in the sky, dancing on the stage in the middle of the floor. She gave it her all…
After the show, my friends and I were very motivated and joyful, I haven’t felt that way in a very long time. Sky is really the limit for those who believe in their dreams. Even though I am still battling my fibroid right now, I will not let that demotivate me from what I have to do. I continue praying for the best and that things will be okay, and I do believe that things will be okay in time.  Giving thanks to God and thank you Beyonce for making us believe!!

By missjhane

My name is Jeanica T aka Miss Jhane. I am a singer-songwriter-entrepreneur. I was born in Montreal, Canada and for the past few years, I have been living in New York City.

I always had a passion for meeting people and writing about different stories and songs. My goals are about making people feel what I see and what I'm going through, the injustice of this world is affecting me a lot.

I started writing for my high school newspaper, then for a Vibe Plus (Unistar) Magazine later for Belle Creole Magazine in Montreal. I also do Freelance PR.

So I hope that you enjoy my world and what I am reporting from it.

Life is a Blessing!

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