10 000 Times THANK YOU!!!

I know, this is my first post this year. And I have to do it from my new G2 Phone I got at the T-Mobile store for the Winter Promotion they had (FREE Smartphone yay! 2 year contract…ugghh)..

I would like to thank all of my subscribers, visitors, supporters, readers to have visited my page. I have now pass the 10 000 blog visitors which is huge for me because I never though anyone would read about me. I started of like that as I Love to write, this has always been a passion of mine.

My laptop is still not working well, I went to Best Buy and they told me I had bought an European Toshiba model. So I have to contact another Toshiba to change a cable. ItΒ  still works, but the screen freezes from time to time which is very disturbing.

But, anywho, I still would like to thank everyone who is helping me get to my success, it is not easy but I will get there. I will post new blogs very soon so you can still follow the adventures of Miss Jhane and get my latest 411.

Bless you all!

Miss Jhane


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