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Last fall, I was about to start a diet to loose the extra pound that I gained over the year “post-myomectomy surgery“. I never bought strict diet products, and I kept seeing the advertisement for QuickTrim, sponsored and promoted by Kim & Khloe Kardashian:

Quick Trim Fast Cleanse

Before purchasing QuickTrim I had made some research and read the comments. I read mixed reviews about it, so I told myself, since I’m motivated to do something about the weight, why not try now? My doctor told me I was fine to go back to a normal life so why not. I bought that expensive juice.

4 ounces of QuickTrim mixed with 4 ounces of Water. That’s it!! I had to admit it.. it did tastes good. Like a light lemon juice. It was very light tasty and no sugar and I had a healthy breakfast to go with it (boiled eggs and broccoli).  Not even an hour later, I had energy: I don’t know if it was because of the QuickTrim but I went outside and decided to run. When it was lunch time, I took the second dose with lunch which was also healthy. I was still feeling good. I in the afternoon I took a snack (almond and apple), then took my third dose…

That’s when my pain began. I was started to feel pain from the side of my eye, which changed into a headache, which switched to a full migraine. I have a history of migraine which usually happens when I forget to eat, stress, fatigue, dehydration etc… but that day I was completely free, drank a LOT of water during the day, no stress etc. I was completely fine. Until that evening. I started to sweat, so I layed down and put a wet rag on my face. Wasnt sure If I could take and Advil or Tylenol or any medication, so I didn’t took anything. It got so bad that nausea and diarrhea kicked in… I felt as if I had the biggest hangover mixed with food poisoning.

I eventually fell asleep, woke up early the next morning, still feeling dizzy and a little bit sick. Drank more water, nausea and diarrhea had stopped by then, but I was not feeling great. Of course, continuing the QuickTrim would’ve been a real bad idea.. only 3 little doses and it got me to that point? Maybe that’s why they called it the Fast Cleanse, it did cleanse me of everything I ate that day. I decided to let that go and gave the rest of the bottle to one of my friend, after I have told her my experience with it. She wanted to try, so I told her to be careful with it.

For me, it was a waste of my money, it might work for some people but I wouldn’t recommend it to my peers. Normal exercises and healthy living is always the best. And by drinking lots of clear water, of course it will help. As the weather was getting cold, I decided to register to a gym…

Do you have any diet gone-wrong experience? Was QuickTrim good for you? Let me know!


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