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Hemp Oil to cure Fibroids

This is a very quick video of this young lady I found on Youtube on my quest to my health and dealing with Fibroids. She has a friend who has fibroids and is saying that by taking Cold Pressed Hemp Oil and Green Tea, that there was a difference in the fibroids growth AND stomach was flatter….

As I am experimenting with natural products more and more, I am telling myself why not try… will get it this week from my organic store and will give you some news in a few…

Here is the video

What do you think?


Miss Jhane

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26 replies on “Hemp Oil to cure Fibroids”

Hi, I actually watched this same video. I suffer from fibroids also. I’m going to go out and get this stuff also and I’m really considering giving up meats all together for overall health. Check out amazon books to naturally cure fibroids there are a few ladies on there who have either eliminated theirs all together or have significantly shrank theirs to the point that they are no longer effected by them. Good luck and I will check back in with my progress.

thank you for the comment. I will check it out… I did removed most meat from my diet (sometimes I forget chicken is the worst..), but it does help.. eating lots and lots of veggies and I incorporate more fruits.. thank you, Bless!

Greetings sister! I have recently learned about hemp oil and fibroids, and am a proponent for anything natural and organic I can do to rid my body of these invaders!! Have you noticed any difference since you began taking the Hemp Oil? Thanks for your response.

I haven`t used it the last month, but I am going to start again. I am still transitioning with my diet. The girl in the video been taking it for years and she is very healthy. I, on the other hand been taking it for about 3 months now.

Being a full time Organic user is taking time but I will get there I know. I will show update about that at the end of the summer. My hair does feel better though

Good luck and let me know how does it work for you

Hi missjhane, I’m back with sort of an update for you. Since doing so much research on fibroids and what causes them and why black women are so much more prone to having them. I found out a lot of interesting things some facts, some natural remedies as well as some as some non conventional arguments on what causing them. Well there is so much information but what I will say is that is that my fibroids have gotten smaller Thank you God! My doctor can’t believe it. I’m going to get a ultrasound to find out exactly how much they have gotten smaller. But I could tell they had gotten smaller because of my cycle not being as painful and not as heavy. I wanted further confirmation so I went to the doctor and she did an exam and said she could no longer feel them as she previously had been able to. I will be back to give you my ultrasound results which will be confirmation on exactly how small they have gotten. In my previous post, I said I cut out meat which I have but I slip up every now and then but It’s always organic beef or turkey never chicken. It’s hard, I try to eat organic and healthy as best as I can, I’ve starting exercising as well. I take a regular daily vitamins and also I juice now, which is so much fun to do. I only drink water or herbal caffeine free tea. I don’t drink soda or store bought juice, only juice I’ve made with fresh fruits and veggies and take chlorophyll supplements. I can’t say what did the trick but I have discussed with my doctor coming to have a ultrasound every 6 months to monitor my progress and to make sure that they don’t get any bigger or maybe even get smaller. She said coming every six months wasn’t necessary because they probably wouldn’t change much in size lol I was sensing a little shade. Sometimes they can’t understand something because it’s not what science says is to be true. Anyway hope all is well with you. God Bless

Hi Isis any update. I have just started taking the hemp oil. I am looking foward to the end of the month to see some results. Thanks!

Isis, did you take the hemp oil too? I too suffer from fiborids and I’m on a Alkaline/vegan diet. I refuse to let a doctor operate on me, because I know my body will heal itself. I just added exercising to my regimen too! So, I’m waiting to see if my fibroids shirnk in the next few months.

Hi Ladies,

Just a few days after taking two tablespoons of hemp oil per day, I can feel my uterus fibroids shrunk. Seems that hemp oil can balance the body hormones and it’s anti-inflammatory. I feel really better. It has been almost a month since I have taken it and I’ll certainly continue to do so.

Give it a try. You’ve nothing to lose to take some natural healthy oil.

Good bless you all!

Hi iam a victim of fibroids with no kids,i have suffered and still has not been able to find a better cure.I tryed taking natural remendies like garnodema chinise herbal tea,but nothing.I decided to juice and cut out on non organic meat.I have been following on fibroids miracle by Amanda Yola some of the product are only foun online.Now i’ll try this hamp oil.Only GOD knows why these monstors have decided to settle in my womb and feed on my blood.Togethet as women we can fight this.wathinta abafazi wathinta imbokodo=you toucth women you strike a rock ,Oh mighty Lord help us to get rid of these fibroids.

I do not have kids yet. I heard of garnodema chineese tea but I was not able to found organic one. Did you see my video for the Dandelion tea to shrink fibroids?. It didn’t really shrunk them but it help them staying stable and to a very small size. I had cut off all meat for 4 months and my body responded very well, especially during the period times. Hemp oil also helps a lot, not only for the fibroids, but for the skin. I do everything I can so I won’t go through another surgery without having kids.

Thanks for reading. We have to keep on smiling and live stress-free as if they don’t exist. 🙂

Hello Lotus Flower and Rasheda, I bought the hemp oil but I just couldn’t get on track with remembering to take it all the time. This does not mean that it will not be effective for you or someone else, I just could never remember to take it lol. I would say give it an honest shot and remember these things take time. I can only speak for my situation and I feel that for me it was a lifestyle change. My fibroids did shrink and it may seem like to you that it happened overnight, but it didn’t, I’ve been on this journey for about 3 years. Keep that in mind. Also remember that almost every woman has fibroids but some never experience any issues with them because they’re so small. A lot of people say that an hormonal imbalance can cause fibrods which may or may not be true, however some people with hormonal imbalances don’t suffer from fibroids, so you can see how confusing some information can be. In my humble opinion-and by no means am I a doctor. I don’t even work in the medical field, I’m an auto cad drafter lol, so I’m no where near the medical field. I feel that the environment that the fibroid itself exists in is the most important. This means that if you have surgery to get them removed, they may reappear because the environment is still the same. And that environment that made it possible for the fibroid to grow and thrive in the first place will still exist. Change your lifestyle and stress management is very important. Find a way to release your negative energy and thoughts whether its anger, depression, anxiety or just stress from everyday life LET IT GO because if you don’t you will internalize it and that adds to the optimal environment for fibroids to grow. Exercise, take yoga,meditate and just stay active. Work on the physical, the mental, and then the body. You cannot work on the inside by taking supplements if you are not taking care of the physical and vice versa it all works together. Holding things inside is not good for your health, I was taught by my mother to hold things in and never let people see you other than happy. That’s great but what happens if you never release it let it out. That makes it about them and who cares how people see you. I’ve started taking boxing classes as well and it’s so much fun me and good friend of mine go every Friday. I’m thinking of going maybe 2 or 3 times but the jury is still out on that. Also I’ve heard mixed reviews about acupuncture but it’s worth checking out. And I now I went off topic some but it’s done with love because I hate seeing people suffering…and for my ultrasound result they have shrank, the biggest one I had was about 6cm, this was the one giving me so much pain and that I was most concerned with it, it’s about 1/2cm now, although it’s still there I no longer have pain or heavy periods. If it gets smaller I’ll be happy but if it stays the same I’ll still be happy. I have a few more that shrank but my doctor says they are in the millimeters so they are really small. I don’t want to be too graphic but I want to detailed..I had the most horrible periods ever, I took bc for years to control the symptoms brought on by my fibroids. I wanted a natural approach so I stopped taking them. Now my period is not as heavy as it once was and I also would have light bleeding in between periods…I later found out by my doctor that basically it was part of my period that never came down….I guess due to the fibroids blocking it, well I no longer experience that anymore. God Bless

Thank you for sharing your testimonial with us.

I am learning everyday. This Fibroids issue for me as a lot to do with stress I believe. I am taking your advice and making a MAJOR lifestyle change. I know it is for the better.

Thank you again for Sharing!!

God Bless you!!

Miss Jhane

No problem, I’m happy do so. Although I have shrank mine I still worry about them coming back so my journey will never be over. I was on youtube the other day and came across a video about fibrovan. Have you heard of it? This was my first time hearing about that and fibroidclear. I also read something about fasting to help shrink fibroids. I already know that I would have a hard time doing that because I like food lol. Here’s something I read on how diet plays a role and it also has a theory on why black women get fibroids more, which I knew it had something to do with dairy/calcium, I’m lactose intolerant and never drink milk. I still don’t drink milk but have found other ways to get calcium. Diet and stress levels are key.

No I haven’t heard about fibrovan. I will look it up and all of the other infos. I have to admit, I do fast once in a while (drinking water with lemon once a week) and it helps, or I do what I call the ramadam diet, I made it up, I am not muslim, but a friend of mine is and they don’t eat from the sunrise until the sun comes down. and it does help a lot, especially when I have cravings before my periods, I am more careful. The journey is never over, but it is for the better. Thank you for the link I will look it up as well 🙂

Hello Ms. Jhane,
Thanks for these videos. My partner told me about the videos as she has been doing research on holistic ways to shrink my fibroids. I am solely on a holistic/vegetarian and sometimes vegan diet as of lately. I tried the hemp oil and it’s been 3 weeks now I’ve taken it faithfully. Started off with one serving a day (according to the video, you should take 2 tablespoons with green tea), I missed one day. Now I’ve chose to take 2 tablespoons twice a day. I noticed I’m not having as much pain but my cycle was still heavy and lasted 7 days. I was 2 weeks into taking the hemp seed oil. I notice the last few days that I take the hemp oil I got a very high level of pain. I’m doing my best to listen to my body if I can tell if this is probably my fibroids shrinking? The great news is that I don’t have as much pain. Also, the lady in the video stated that it took her friend 2 months taking the hemp oil and tea and it completely took away her fibroids! I’m going to come back with another update on my two mile mark. Thanks again! I’m grateful for holistic, non surgery, no more medications to cure my fibroids.

I do not take the hemp oil everyday, but it does help a lot when you have the period cycle (well for me anyway). Now, I RARELY take Tylenol when I have pain, and that is not all the time. Most of the time I take the hemp oil in the morning. My next appointment is next month with my OB/GYN I will let you all know if it shrunk or else…

Thank you for reading!

Hi missjane………I’m currently taking Hemp oil for my fibroids and it’s working, it’s truly a God sent medicine. I encourage anyone with health issues to give it a try……u won’t be disappointed!!

My Wife was diagnosed with Breast cancer with metastases with bone/liver/ovary involvement, after so many Chemo and Radiation. I came across Dr Thomas through several testimonies of his Cannabis oil and I was able to contact him at:, I but the cannabis oil from the Dr Thomas and I have been using Cannabis Oil to treat my wife cancerous diseases for the past 5 months. It’s been about 4 months since I stopped using it. All of the positive effects are still there.
My wife is now healthy with no cancer in her body system anymore. Essentially her body feels like a 20 years old girl, while in reality she is 41 years old. Within 5 months of being on the oil I started to loose pounds, my metabolism is super fast. I can eat burgers at fast food joints and still loose weight. I sleep through the night, my digestive system works better than it ever has. I have NO back pain whatsoever. Even after being off the meds this long. This stuff is simply amazing. For help email: I am no longer a victim of cancer and I would love every other cancer patient at there to contact Dr Thomas for help via: I do not have cancer anymore, but I still use my follow up medication for other cleansing of the body system. I started to use the oil to find its other benefits. Dr. Thomas told me about how he believes the oil can reverse aging. I’m hoping it will slow it down or stop it completely. Not sure what to expect after prolonged use. I will update you guys to my findings of Dr Thomas HEMP OIL. Am using this medium to let you know that Dr Thomas Kelvin HEMP OIL Oil will guarantee the total eradication of all types of cancers and other diseases as well. for help email: James Walker

I never knew Marijuana has a great medical value of healing and curing cancer not until when my Mum was diagnosed from Colon Cancer last year. after watching some documentary on Rick Simpson hemp, i decided to give it a try and her’s was on stage three but after using the hemp oil from “” belonging to Doctor Agbani her health has been a bit steady and responding positively to the treatment, indeed the Government just have to wake up and legalized it so that we can leave a cancer free life
Maureen Powell

Pure THC oil, NOT hemp oil (as it lacks the optimal amount of tetrahydrocannabinol) – is the REAL cure for fibroid tumors, cancer, and a host of other ailments. The unscrupulous pharmaceutical companies here in the states, backed by our government, would rather keep this info to themselves as the cure is not as profitable as the treatment…which never works. I have a vested interest in revealing this, simply because my mom and dad both succumbed to cancer under “traditional treatment methods” (i.e.,surgery, radiation, chemotherapy). My wife HAD fibroids, and my uncle – as well as her’s – were both diagnosed with cancer and have been cured because of this treatment. This is not spam or anything of the sort, assuredly. Here’s the video instructing one on how to make it:
You’re welcome!

What kind of hump oil can use for fibroid shrink this fibroid is making my life worst. How many spoon of hump oil do I need to take everyday? Please help ms


I don’t take hemp oil anymore as it is harder to find the cold-pressed oil one. I use to take it in the am on an empty stomach. Have you consulted a doctor?

What is helping me a lot is that I don’t eat much meat and stay away from refine sugar and startchy food.

Hope it helps🫶🏾

I was taking hamp oil nothing is happening to my fibroids instead getting more worst heavy bleeding and cramp and back pain

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