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Myomectomy Journal: 6 weeks Post-Surgery

Ok.. hummm this week is not so bad. I just had my periods 2 days ago and as I have been told, the first day was horrible. I couldn’t eat much and I was a little bloated. Also cramps was there for most part of the day. Whatever I had eating, wasn’t staying in my […]

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Myomectomy Surgery Journal: Post-surgery

I am soooo sorry.. I didn’t get to do a blog the week of my surgery. nor the week after.. I had my surgery November 30th 2009. I was at Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, Canada. The whole staff was very professional and so nice. I was able to have a Abdominal Myomectomy surgery with […]

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I have been diagnosed with Fibroids (part 1)

Since January 2009, I noticed that I was gaining weight. At first, I though it was normal since it was after the holidays, you have that extra happy food weight, but in January with the resolutions that I made for myself I though that it was time to get back in shape, especially as a […]