I was Diagnosed with Fibroids …. AGAIN!!!

Last December was my 2 year anniversary post-surgery since I had my fibroids. I went to see my doctor for follow-up… and guess what??? My Ob-Gyn found 3 new tiny fibroids!!!!!!! Ok he told me they are outside, but still??? I am more than in shock but at the same time, he told me after my surgery in 2009 that they might come back… and they did. He said until I decided not to have kids, they can reoccur again.. so by the beginning of the summer, I will have to see him again to do another scan to see if they have grown.

I am not hopeless but I really am praying NOT to have that surgery again… Unless I have a C-Section to have a baby if necessary. I trully believe that now I have to constantly watch what I eat and I have to start doing Yoga and Pilates. I haven’t done a lot of crunches like I should. I believe that I will be fine, even though I don’t have that flat stomach yet (I trully had a hard time keeping a flat stomach since my first fibroids story).

I am also happy to see that now more and more information, commercials, even some TV Shows like Dr. Oz and The Doctors are talking and giving informations about Uterine Fibroids, and no, it is not only for older women now, if affects all ladies and young women as well.

A suivre… (To Be Continued…)


Miss Jhane



8 thoughts on “I was Diagnosed with Fibroids …. AGAIN!!!

  1. Hi Jhane, I actually found your blog in searching for ‘diet and fibroids’. I was recently diagnosed with 2 fairly large fibroids and am scheduled to go for my laprascopic myomectomy in about 2 weeks. I am also convinced that diet is strongly connected to the growth of them.

    Thanks for sharing your story and I’m really happy to have found your blog.

    Stay Strong & Be Blessed Dear.

  2. Hi, can you delete the comment with my last name above? I tried to message you, but you don’t have your email listed publicly. TIA 🙂

  3. Hi Sorry to hear about your situatuion. I have Fibroids and I am schedule for surgery 3/2. I want to haev kids…so hopefully I can right after. 🙂

  4. Hey love!!!

    I was thinking of telling you to be strong, but you always were!!! Keep being who you are, laugh for the silly thing, cry for the even sillyer things!!! Just love who you are because we do love you the way you are!!!

    We miss you!!!

  5. Hi Miss Jhane, I came across your blog when I was searching for how to flatten my stomach after surgery.
    I underwent a myomectomy Sept 2011 and they removed 23 firbroids ranging from 1cm-10cm. My uterus was the size of a 28 week pregnant women and people would constantly ask if I was pregnant.
    Now its been a couple months, but my stomach is still swollen and I’ve started the gym but no results. I’m thinking of going to see my GYN to maybe run another ultrasound. I am only 27, and I really want kids in the future (and now makes me think I should start soon, before fibroids come back)

    Sorry to hear about the return of the fiboids. Hope everything goes well for you.

    • thank you for your comment. I am still looking myself to have that flat stomach like I used to. 23 fibroids that sounds painful… I’m glad that your surgery went well. Let me know if you find a good exercice that will be good. My friend was telling me it might be the hormones that are unbalanced after the surgery. I don’t know…

      The way I eat now I should be skinny… but we will see with time, as long as I am healthy now it is what matters first!!

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